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4 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

It is time to think sustainably about fashion. And one of the ways you can do it is to increase the lifespan of your clothing. You need to focus on the care of your clothing in a better manner. You should see them as pieces for a decade. There are various ways you can style them. Small changes that you make now can have far-reaching implications on the planet we call home. It will also decrease the negative impacts on the environment by preventing landfills.

Buy Quality Clothes

It is always better to rely on quality than quantity. Moreover, it takes some thinking to make your attire suitable for different occasions by layering or mixing and matching. One well-made expensive piece of clothing can last different seasons. Sometimes, costly clothes can be of good quality, but not always. However, you can always check the labels, as they mention the fabric and thread count. In well-made pieces, the recycling quotient is also mentioned.

A few fabrics that fit the bill for longevity are linen, hemp, rayon, Alpaca wool, and silk, to name a few. These fabrics are super-strong and very durable. You can pair them with different pieces to appear anew every time. The price factor relies on several factors, including the duty the manufacturers pay and the labor. Thus, expensive and good-quality may not always go hand in hand but are one of the parameters for longer-lasting clothes. Quality materials don’t wear out quickly, nor do they lose any color.

Remember the Laundry Dos and Don’ts

You have to take note of the washing care instructions. Incorrect washing techniques can hamper the clothing and fabrics in numerous ways, including wrinkling. If any material mentions dry cleaning, you ought to get that done. You should give it for professional washing. More often than not, the professionals will wash, clean stains, and fold your clothes. If you are a busy individual and cannot take time to send the clothes for washing and collect them, book a laundry delivery service. Many such points have opened up that offer free pick-up and drop-off clothes. Utilize them.

Additionally, you need to exercise some judgment while cleaning your clothes. Do not use warm water for all garments, as they may lead to shrinkage. And jeans are best occasionally washed. So you can give them a miss when gathering your weekly clothing wash basket. You should also refrain from using a washer. It can have a more damaging effect on your clothes. Sometimes, even gentle cleaning agents can strip your clothes off their natural oils. Therefore, it is better to skip the weekly wash and do it monthly on spotting visible stains.

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Store Clothing Well

You should keep your clothes folded and in a proper manner inside the wardrobe. Moreover, do not keep them near harsh lights or sunlight. It leads to color fadeaways. Furthermore, just hanging them anywhere can also lead to loss of structure. It is better to use padded hangers for regular clothes and wooden ones for heavy garments like suits and blazers. Clothing organizers are also available aplenty today.

Winter wear and summer wear needs to be stored separately. You can ensure to use them for proper storage. Use garment bags for both seasons. Not washing clothing before storing it is a huge mistake. Thus, avoid that. You should also use naphthalene balls to ward off moths. More natural remedies are also available today, in the form of lavender sprigs and cedar. Moreover, do not cram everything into one basket. Leave some breathing space for them.

Stop Using Too Much Detergent

Some of you may be tempted to use a lot of detergent to wash your clothing. Although the clothing smells good, it can lead to its destruction eventually. If you use more than the required detergent, it leads to fading of the colors. Moreover, the suds do not get washed away properly. They form an invisible film on your garments. Over time, this film leads to discoloration. Resist the urge to empty a full cap into the washing machine. It can destroy your clothes in minutes if it turns out to be too concentrated.

Liquid and powder detergents also have different features. If you use too much powder detergent, it leaves a white residue on the garments. Too much detergent can also destroy your washing machine. The suds will cling to the walls and often deposit on the next lot of clothing. In the long run, this is highly detrimental to the garments.

You can incorporate these into the care instructions for your clothing. You will notice that they last for a longer time. Sustain your life on earth with sustainable living choices. This is something small but has far-reaching effects.

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