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Make Your Bathroom Look Brand New Even on A Budget

Because of popular culture, and the way it is presented in the media when people say bathroom remodeling, it often intimidates people due to the misconception that it is always expensive. Fortunately for all our fellows out there who’s under a budget, bathroom remodeling does not always mean turning your toilet seat into gold – a cheap (yet classy) looking bathroom remodeling is achievable.

If you have a vision in mind and you’re resourceful, then you should have enough trust in yourself to execute that vision. And if you lack that vision, you still have the option to acquire the services of a bathroom renovations company in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney – still within your budget, of course.

Meanwhile, here are a few tips you can maximize your resources and achieve a great look for your renovation:

Make Use of Low-Budget, Yet High-Quality Duplicate Materials

The first and best option in making sure your bathroom renovations are cheap and elegant is by making use of what you have – and turning them into something better. For instance, refurbishing old materials that already exist before you make some major changes like switching your flooring.

One of the most popular designs of bathroom renovations is the use of a plank that’s made of real wood because of the quality, but the only problem is that they do cost a lot. If you’re under a budget, you can try swapping the plank to vinyl flooring instead – since they’re basically of the same appearance. From a distance, you couldn’t even tell the difference between the wood plank and the vinyl plank.

Change Your Old Showerhead

showerheadOne of the key purposes of a bathroom is to take a shower. Thus, making sure that you have a functional and decent shower is extremely important. But take note, this is not just to save money from renovation, but also to save water – you can try upgrading to sunflower-like showerheads that release water like the rain, preferably low-flow ones since those types of showerheads cost almost the same (sometimes less) than traditional showers.

Do Some Painting

One of the cheapest yet most effective ways of remodeling is to repaint your bathroom. Paint does its magic to any room and would have the power to enhance the look and value of your bathroom if it’s done right. Choosing a palette would be entirely up to you and what fits best for your taste, but a good recommendation would be sticking to colors with lighter shades – like beige and white.

Upgrading Fixtures: Replacing Old Towel Rods and Tissue Holders

When remodeling your bathroom under a budget, you should consider upgrading some of your bathroom fixtures such as the sink, the shower, the tub, the toilet, and yes – even towel and tissue holders. All these fixtures tend to wear out over time – especially tissue holders. If you cannot manage to replace the major fixtures, you can start with the holders first since they are sometimes overlooked and would need to be replaced.

Besides, installing one is quite easy – one that you can do yourself. And from there, you can proceed to replace the other fixtures in the bathroom according to your budget. While it is extremely tempting to spend more than what you have to achieve a nice look for your bathroom, it is still important to make sure that it is spent wisely.

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