Make Your Home Appliances Last with Minimal Repair

The key to a longer lifespan for your home appliances is maintenance. Here are some of the most critical care and maintenance tips that will keep your items in top condition and serviceable for many years.

Your home appliances are investments to make living comfortable for everyone in the household. Since they come with a price, it is but right that you try to stretch their purpose and functionality and make them worth the investment. For that, you need proper care and maintenance.

The reliability and durability of your home appliances is one thing. But more than the brand and model, how you keep for your appliance units have a lot to say on how long they will last.

It is a good thing to know an expert to do appliance repair near your home in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York or Miami when something goes haywire. It is also a good thing if you know how to care for your units properly, how to use them the right way, and how to keep them well maintained.

Give your Appliances a Round of TLC

Here is a list of care and maintenance tips to keep your common household items functional:

Change your refrigerator’s filter regularly. The water filter gets loaded with impurities that build up over time. When this happens, the workings of your fridge will not be as efficient. So make sure to check on your filters and see if it needs replacement at least every 4-6 months.

Clean your fridge coils at least twice a year. Your refrigerator’s coils can trap anything from pet hair to regular dust and dirt. When that happens, the airflow within the system is restricted, making it harder to cool.

Replace the washer hose. The washer hose is a common source of leaks. If it is worn and torn or has cracks, make sure to have it replaced to avoid flooding when your washer is in use.

Keep the dryer’s exhaust clean all the time. Lint that builds up in the dryer exhaust can make it inefficient and also pose a serious fire hazard. You may use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the grime buildup, or you could even scrape the lint down using a coat hanger.

Avoid overloading your washer and dryer. This is the number one cause of breakdown as it affects the motor, the belt, and other moving parts.

washer dryer in the laundry room

Keep your oven’s seal tight. The oven seal is the gasket that is placed on the oven door’s perimeter. It is mostly made of rubber and fiberglass and is a crucial element to ensure that the oven is heating evenly and efficiently.

Clean your stovetop’s drip trays regularly. This is the catch basin of spills. Over time, if you do not clean it regularly, the food spills could cause the drip tray to become damaged and dysfunctional.

Clean the clogged filter of your dishwasher. Food bits can clog the dishwasher filter, which in turn can make the unit useless for cleaning the dishes.

Appliance care and maintenance take nothing more than just a few minutes. Since they can affect the efficiency and lifespan of your units, you must always adhere to proper use as well as regular maintenance rounds. Periodically, submit your units to an expert in appliance repair to trace minor malfunctions and treat them so they will not cause a significant breakdown.

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