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Managing Self-Worth: The Impact of COVID-19 on Our Mental Health

Many people think that physical health matters the most during the COVID-19 crisis. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following health and safety protocols became a necessity now that we are in the middle of a health crisis. But in reality, there is another epidemic wreaking havoc in everyone’s life.

How the Pandemic Made People Question Their Self-Worth and Confidence

We are already stressed about the fact that the pandemic can cause severe health complications, especially to certain individuals. We are anxious about our health our loved one’s safety, and the fact that cases after cases are being reported each day. Never have we ever faced such a health dilemma as terrifying as the COVID-19 crisis.

It made students leave their traditional classrooms in exchange for remote learning. Office workers turned to remote work. Millions lost their jobs after their companies shut down.

Because of everything that is happening around us, it became extremely easy to question one’s self-worth. But because some questions are making us doubt our skills and capabilities, this is making us question our self-worth. This, in turn, can have a toxic effect on our quality of life.

It is not only the fact that many of us lost our jobs during the crisis and are now experiencing a financial setback. Some people even lost control and gave up their healthy lifestyle with a more sedentary one. All the sheltering in place put a halt on their previously active lifestyle and even made them ignore self-care.

Some people gained weight, which many of us dubbed as pandemic-15. More people found themselves binging on alcohol, cigarettes, and even dangerous substances. Others developed endless “maskne” or even eating disorders which greatly impacted their self-confidence.

Some students and workers are finding it hard to cope with remote learning and remote work. They are questioning their capabilities because their productivity levels went from great to average. Learners miss their friends and classmates while remote workers miss company outings, team buildings, and the ability to chitchat and socialize with their coworkers during break time.

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Improving Self-confidence and Self-worth Mid-pandemic

Everything you’ve been through during the crisis could have resulted to lower self-esteem. Your self-worth may also be affected due to the crisis. The good news is, your options are endless when it comes to improving your sense of self-worth and confidence that was lost during the crisis.

  • Start With Prioritizing Self-Care

Taking great care of yourself is the best way to start improving self-worth and self-confidence. Know that this is not limited to the kinds of food you feed yourself, how active you try to be, and how much sleep you allow yourself to enjoy. It can also mean pampering yourself in ways that will relax your mind and can make small transformations that can big benefits.

For one, getting your hair pampered by the best salon in your area can instantly give you a brand new look. If you like your new hair, this instantly boosts your mood and your confidence. The same goes for trying out a new skincare routine to finally address your maskne.

The constant wearing of masks made everyone break out especially in the cheeks and mouth area. Starting a skincare routine can help improve one’s ability to better cope with the crisis. You will feel better once your daily skincare routine pays off.

  • Be Kind to Yourself

It is true that most people are tougher to themselves than with their friends. They choose the words they say to their loved ones but would indulge in negative self-talk every chance they get. It is time you start being kinder to yourself.

You can start by practicing gratitude each day. Find things you are grateful for and say them out loud and write them on a piece of paper. Talk to yourself in front of the mirror and tell yourself the things you appreciate yourself for.

It is not wrong to treat yourself with your comfort food every once in a while. If you feel tired, rest and sleep. Don’t forget to tap yourself at the back for being able to accomplish tasks each day.

  • Find Professional Help

If you need a little bit of support, talk to your loved ones and reach out. They may not drive to your home to comfort you, but technology makes it easier to find comfort in one another. When it comes to alcohol addiction, substance abuse, or your eating disorder, consult the pros.

More are giving in to addiction tendencies and are binge-drinking in the middle of the crisis. Some anxious people turned to unhealthy food habits and are now battling eating disorders. The pros can help come up with the best treatment plan to aid your road to recovery.

In a nutshell, the pandemic has, to a degree, have an impact on everyone’s mental health. Some lost their confidence while others now have poor self-worth. Others are battling mental health disorders and are making it difficult to cope during the crisis. Know that there are things you can do to save your confidence, self-worth, and mental health. Awareness is the first step towards your remediation.

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