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Meditation through Home Upkeep

Home upkeep is one of the most routine activities a person can do. Aside from the fact that every person does it on a daily, home upkeep is a must. Through activities that maintain the home, we feel most in control of what we possess and what we own. It is also through home upkeep that we get to know the ins and outs of our own houses. Contrary to popular culture, most homeowners are not hoarders. It is, however, inevitable that houses are unique and different. To each his own.

Even in community housing and condominium units with similar units, no two houses are ever the same. Even if there are around 74 million out of 330 million Americans living in condominium units, never are two similar. All housing units, whether it is a mansion or a studio apartment, need taking care of.

In a recent study conducted in 2018, 1.5 percent of all the homes in the United States, or 1.5 million homes, are abandoned or vacant. Not counting the unmaintained houses, that number is unimaginable considering the homelessness crisis we have. Amidst the pandemic of the century, we should be more thankful that we can access a livable space where we can be ourselves.

Now that most people are stuck at home, we are forced to reflect on the importance of the things usually taken for granted. The pandemic will still be present in the next few years, so it is safe to say that we will be spending most of our time at home. Now that most things are uncertain and unpredictable, how can we make home maintenance a way to reduce our anxiety?

Meditation through home upkeep is not new.

No Internet

It is known that having some form of activity to do can easily distract you from worrying too much. Unfortunately, even though we use the internet as a distraction, it can sometimes cause depression, anxiety, and lethargy. According to recent studies, exposing yourself to too much social media can lead to various mental health problems. Since we are only beginning to explore the work from home life, we still do not know how unhealthy it can get. Internet addiction can also be a thing.

By channeling your interest to other things such as home maintenance, home care, and home repair, you can get the most out of your time. A good distraction is a good deed, just the same. Better yourself by limiting the time you need to use the internet.

Home Routine

Having a routine at home where you can do things sequentially is a healthy task we ought to do to keep the demons away. Whenever we assign tasks to ourselves daily, we know what is expected of us and how we should do certain things. Having that sense of constructed control helps us maintain our sanity. The predictability of our home life amidst the uncertainty this pandemic brings will help us bring serenity in our lives.

While maintaining our home can become boring, a routine is meditative. Whenever we use our minds to do something repetitive with much thought, the ordinary act transforms into meditation. Meditation need not be an activity that you merely sit and do nothing. Cure the mind by practicing a home upkeep routine you can do every day.

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Meditation Through Action

Meditation through your mere presence and effort is a legitimate technique people do to practice mindfulness. Meditation itself is not easy. It takes a certain amount of perspective and effort to cross that line into meditative thinking. While cleaning and upkeep, in general, is not enjoyable, the result is something everyone enjoys. Whenever you apply the principles of meditation to systematizing your own home, ordinary and mundane tasks become a form of meditative action.

Awareness and complete mindfulness are the main elements of meditation. Stressing over simple tasks to maintain the home is fruitless. Make the act a chance to meditate by practicing awareness of the act. By exercising breathing practices during the activity, you are given a chance to integrate meditation with your actions. In decluttering your dingy garage, caring for your lawn, cleaning your dishes, or just merely sweeping, you get the opportunity to be productive and to be mentally fit and healthy.

Meditation through home upkeeping is not an activity unheard of. However, people might find it daunting and intimidating to mix both. In these trying times, however, it may seem like we have no choice. Practicing the tenets of meditation while cleaning is key to maintaining sanity and can ground us to be calmer about our daily troubles.

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