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Might orthodontics in Weybridge help straighten out your smile’s potential?

Moving with the times

As we attempt to put the stresses and worries of the last year behind us, more and more people than ever are finally taking the time that they need to focus on the things which matter to them.

One symptom of this has been the number of people who are seeking out orthodontics Weybridge as a means of addressing visibly crooked teeth and preserving their oral health and wellbeing.

Braces have changed considerably from what you may once have imagined.

Nowadays, anyone who is seeking orthodontic help has the option to do so discreetly, or through traditional methods.

This has attracted a surge of new patients – particularly younger ones – who are hoping to realign their teeth, without attracting attention during the process.

Why seek out orthodontics?

Having straight, aligned teeth means far more than just having an attractive smile.

Typically, those who have straight, clean and healthy-looking teeth are thought of as more confident, approachable and trustworthy, which can be an invaluable asset for anyone who is hoping to make an impact, both socially and professionally.

Alongside these cosmetic advantages, having straight teeth also dramatically reduces a patient’s risk of developing long-term gum and oral health problems such as periodontal disease.

What type of orthodontics are available?

As mentioned, orthodontics, as a dentistry field, encompasses far more than it may have just decades ago.

While a patient’s options were somewhat limited when it came to orthodontic aligners, nowadays, they are spoilt for choice.

Some of the primary forms of orthodontics which are on offer for patients show a variety of approaches and designs to straighten teeth.


These are a popular form of ‘cosmetic’ orthodontics which aim to align a patient’s teeth in a way that has virtually no impact on how they look. They achieve dental alignment in the same way as traditional braces.

The fundamental difference is that the brackets and wires that align the patient’s teeth are attached to the back of them – making them unseen from the front.

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Another massively popular form of cosmetic orthodontics is the Invisalign retainer system.

This form of orthodontics is designed to have minimal impact on how a patient looks during treatment, it achieves dental alignment through a removable, transparent plastic retainer that does not need to be attached to the patient’s teeth.

This means that the retainer can be removed at the patient’s choosing, and is made to fit so perfectly over their teeth that it means it is almost totally invisible when worn.

Damon Clear Braces

These are a type of cosmetic orthodontics which use a similar method to traditional braces – in that wires, and brackets are bonded to the front of the patient’s teeth to pull them closer together gradually.

The difference between Damon Clear Braces and conventional ones is that the brackets and wires are made from a transparent plastic – which means they are far less visible when attached to a patient’s teeth.

How do I get cosmetic braces?

If you feel that the alignment of your teeth is something you would like to amend through a treatment that will not have an impact on how you look whilst undergoing it, simply contact a trusted orthodontic practice today.

In doing so, it will be possible to have your oral health assessed by a professional, who will then detail all of the available treatments which are at their disposal and work closely alongside you to select a treatment that meets your own unique orthodontic goals.

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