Modern Living: Fabric Options Suitable for Your Sofa

In years past, the bedroom only compromised two or three furniture pieces. These included the bed, dresser and sometimes a bedside table. Bedrooms have undergone tremendous changes over the years, and people are now paying close attention to their bedroom’s décor.

One of the furniture pieces that have made their way into a modern bedroom is a comfortable chair. There are different seating options for bedrooms though sofas, chaise lounges, and ottomans are the typical choices.

People would not ordinarily buy bedroom furniture online since they assume it is hard to get the measurements and fabrics used right. This is not the case for sofas.

Before starting your online shopping, measure your bedroom space and the entryways so that you guarantee the option you pick fits your space. Online shops also include various specifics on the fabrics of their products and professional photographs. You will thus be making an informed decision.

There are many fabrics used for sofas nowadays, and it is easy to get overwhelmed and settle for anything. Here’s some info on the best fabric choices for your bedroom’s sofa to make your decision easier.

Natural Fiber

These include silk, wool, and plant-based linen and cotton. Rayon is also an excellent natural fiber choice comprising processed wood pulp and has a luster and drape that resembles silk. Natural fabrics for sofas have a dense weave and are more durable compared to synthetic fabrics.

You should, however, remember that though these are natural fabrics, they might contain synthetic chemicals and dyes to get different colors. If you want 100% natural fabrics, opt for those labeled ‘certified organic.’

Synthetic Fibers

These are petroleum-based fabrics produced by the extrusion of chemicals into fine strands before they are woven into fabrics. The leading synthetic fabrics used in sofas include nylon, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, and olefin.

Synthetic fabrics are typically mixed with natural fibers to boost their stain and fade resistance and durability. Others like acrylic closely resemble natural fabrics but have fewer maintenance needs compared to the latter. Microfiber fabrics are made from densely woven polyester and resist claw marks and stains making them ideal for homes with pets.


leather couch

There are three types of leather used for sofas. Suede and split-grain leathers are thin since their hide will be split and reveal a cut surface instead of skin.

Top grain leather uses the whole thickness of a hide and will show the skin surface. Leather for sofas will be dyed in various colors and exude an elegant look. The sofas are unfortunately hard to repair and fade in direct sunlight.


This is a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics. Velvet is comfortable and looks expensive thus making your bedroom elegant. Velvet sofas will hence be a perfect choice for bedrooms with antiques and become the focal point of your room when they come in bright colors.

With the above tidbits, you are now wiser on the fabric options for your sofa during your online shopping trip. There undoubtedly are several shops online selling sofas for what seems like a song. Though tempting, do not go for the cheapest online shop but rather one with the highest quality sofas.

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