A More Affordable Solution to Veneers

Once reserved for the rich and famous, porcelain veneers are now an extremely popular cosmetic solution for patients who are looking for a complete smile makeover without any lengthy procedures. There are numerous benefits to this dental treatment, however there are also a few downsides that may be off putting to the average individual.

One such reason is the cost of the treatment, which is quite high. In addition to this, once a patient has committed to having a porcelain veneer, then they must continue the treatment for life, even though the veneer is only good for about a decade or so. This means that a patient needs to be financially secure enough to continue paying upwards of thousands of pounds to maintain their smile, which over time can become problematic for some, even if the solution itself is a remarkable one.

Thankfully, a more affordable option has recently become available, known as composite bonding Harley Street. This is a way to perfect the appearance of a patient’s smile, fill in chips and gaps and even slightly alter the appearance of the angle of one’s tooth or teeth by using the same material that fillings are made from.

Dentists are able to use the material to shape teeth and allow it to harden to become a long term yet temporary solution to any cosmetic concerns that their patient may have.

Another benefit to this style of treatment is that there is no expected commitment to continue the treatment after it has worn away, unlike with dental veneers. It is simply a way for individuals to affordably and conveniently perfect their smile when they see fit, allowing them options in the future should they wish to make a more permanent solution or simply repeat the process.

What issues can be alleviated with this style of treatment?


A dentist will be able to disguise minor imperfections, because small gaps can alter the appearance of minor tooth rotations with this cosmetic solution, all with no damage to the tooth in the process. In addition to this, it will look immensely natural as great lengths are taken to ensure that the resin used is matched to the individual’s natural tooth colour.

This is an innovative solution that is growing in popularity as dentists look at unique ways to meet the needs of their patients, which are diverse. Many people seek affordable solutions that take as little time as possible to create results with no lasting damage to teeth. This is one such treatment that has been able to meet these needs.

Those who are interested in this style of treatment as a solution to minor dental imperfections that they are living with should contact their local dentist to see whether this treatment is currently available. They will need to head in for a consultation to determine whether they are suitable for the quick and minor procedure, or else discuss alternative solutions should their misalignment or imperfection be a little too large for the resin to comfortably disguise.

Dentists will do their utmost to ensure they provide their patients with a natural looking and effective solution to their needs.

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