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Most Common Questions About Gears Answered

Gears are at the heart of industrial progress. Without their discovery, we would never have the modern motors and machines that we take for granted today. Still, many modern car owners don’t have any idea how gears work or what they are. Put simply, they are cogs that fit together. They rotate and allow us to control the speed of mechanical movements. This is something that you have most likely encountered when trying to drive or cycle up a steep hill. Without shifting gears, it’s impossible to move up without spending way too much energy. Here, we answer some common questions about gears.

How do gears work?

Gears are basically two wheels that fit together because of broaching. In Wisconsin, a good job shop will often be able to custom-make different types of gears for your car — if you need something custom-built. Gears in your car work by applying different levels of torque and speed so that your wheels turn at different rates.

If one gear fits with another one, and they each have different numbers of grooves on them, then one will go at a greater speed while the other will move with higher force. This is the most important mechanism of gears. A car’s engine generates a huge force. Gearboxes are set inside cars to control this speed. As we change speed, gears shift swiftly to allow the wheels to move faster.

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What are some common problems with gears?

Since car gears are constantly engaged, the gearbox tends to get tired and worn out after a certain point. This is when you might start to notice problems with your transmission. Common problems with transmission include improper shifting or not shifting fast enough. While shifting gears, you may notice that your speed takes too long to change. The main cause of this is a clutch that fails to disengage. This could require changing certain parts or even your clutch. Another very common issue that you could notice is that your whole car starts shaking when at a certain gear. This is most likely because of a clutch problem. It should be dealt with immediately.

How to ensure that your gearbox is well maintained?

Whenever you notice a problem with your car’s gear or transmission, it is important to get this checked out or replace immediately. This is because the gears in a car are constantly engaged. They will go on working improperly and lead to them getting worn out. Another way to ensure that your gears are in working order is to always make sure that there are no leaks causing the transmission fuel level to drop and that you are using the right kind of fluid. The fluid helps keep the gears lubricated. Without it, they will grind and face too much friction. If you live in a place that has a cold climate, always give you car ample time to warm up before driving.

Always take good care of your transmission system and get it serviced regularly. Changing a gearbox is quite expensive, so prevention is certainly a better course of action.

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