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Moving Day Challenges: How to Secure Your Belongings and Pets

Moving day is a stressful one if you don’t plan well. This will be more stressful when you have a pet or two. Of course, you want your pet to stay as comfortable as possible. But, you’re juggling different things at once so sometimes you panic. That doesn’t have to be the case. You can still make them feel at ease and transition well into new surroundings. Here’s how:

Preparation Day

The first and most important thing to do is to get your pets a collar with ID tags. These should come with your name and contact details. You can get more security if you get them a microchip.

Some pets don’t like traveling. If yours doesn’t, then you might need to ask prescription medications for them. You can also ask the vet for the right feeding during the move. Research about pet-friendly accommodations if you’re traveling long-distances. Reserve your accommodations well in advance to be sure. Also, check for back-up accommodations in case of unforeseen incidences.

Stay as calm as you can the days before moving day. Pets are intuitive and they know when you are panicking. This will scare them because you are their anchor. Help them overcome their fear of moving. This day can be a lot stressful for them. Put them inside an empty room while you’re talking to the movers. They might get scared of the noises. For that, you must close possible escape routes, but make sure they have proper ventilation. Try to put some light music if you think this can help.

Practice your pets to use rest in their carriers before moving day. Put some treats and their favorite toys inside to attract them in. This makes them feel comfortable in the carrier while traveling. Be sure to put your pets in secure carriers. Avoid using an open truck when during the moving day as they might escape. Talk to them calmly, so they know nothing bad will happen to them. Give them fresh water during stops and allow them potty breaks too.

Improve Your Overall Experience

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Research about the moving company before hiring them. Check testimonials from people you know and reputable review sites. Take note of how long the company is in business and how popular they are with clients. Demand for a written contract. It’s your gauge when the movers are asking more money they aren’t supposed to. They can say you agreed to higher rates if there’s no contract. It would be hard to file a complaint against them. The contract should include what’s covered in case of missing items and damages.

The last thing you want to happen is to hire the worst moving company. You’re already thinking a lot about your pets so more stress is a no-no. BBB lists companies do that traumatize clients like holding your stuff hostage. If you don’t want that to happen, you should check moving companies in the Marietta area with care.

On Your Moving Day

You can’t avoid all the stress during the moving day, but you can improve your experience. The first is to look for a good company for your belongings, and the second is to secure your pets. Start your life in your new home with happiness by ensuring you have your pets and belongings with you.


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