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Must-Visit Travel Attractions in Slough

A huge town located in Berkshire, England, Slough is one of the many places that you must include in your itinerary when planning to visit the United Kingdom. Whether you are going alone or with friends or family, there are many things to do and numerous tourist destinations to see when in this part of the world. From historic castles to magnificent parks to splendid sceneries, Slough will never disappoint.

Below are some of the best places and remarkable tourist attractions that you must visit when in Slough.

St. George’s Chapel

Built using the Perpendicular Gothic architecture style, St. George’s Chapel is one landmark that you should visit when in Slough. The chapel is a magnificent structure with its high ceilings, painted roof bosses, stained glass windows, pointed arches, and flying buttresses. Apart from its attractive construct, St. George Chapel is also known as a royal mausoleum. It is where royalties in the likes of Edward IV, Henry VIII, Charles I, Edward VII, Jane Seymour, Queen Mary, George V, and Queen Alexandra are buried.

Windsor Castle

This castle is a working royal palace. Considered the largest and the oldest inhabited castle in the world, the Windsor Castle has been home to Britain’s kings and queens for almost a thousand years. The Windsor Castle is also where St. George’s Chapel is located.

There are a lot of luxury and affordable hotels near Windsor Castle, so if you are planning to drop by this place during your travel to England, finding the right accommodation for you and your group will not be a problem. Most, if not all hotels in this part of England have heating systems that undergo annual boiler maintenance to make sure that they function well, so you can be assured that you will have a comfortable stay even when it is freezing cold in the outdoors.

Herschel Park

This gem is not only known for its splendidly landscaped gardens and embellished trees but for its history as well. Formerly known as Upton Park, Herschel Park was once part of a private residential development designed by Joseph Paxton. It became a public park in 1949 and has since then become a venue for recreational, educational, and cultural activities for local residents and visitors alike. Herschel Park is a 3.5 hectares Grade II listed park and offers the following attractions to visitors: nature reserve, nature reserve picnic area, and lake and wildlife ponds to name a few.

Braywick Park Nature Reserve

This is a good place to visit if you are bringing kids along. Braywick Park Nature Reserve offers an immersive experience for families with its stunning sceneries of grasslands, woodlands, and ponds. Its rich diversity of wildlife also offers a peek into nature’s beauty and awesome life-giving capabilities.

Black Park

Covering over 500 acres of open space, woodland, and heathland, Black Park is perfect for families who want to commune with nature and enjoy each other’s company through various engaging activities. The park has several family-friendly attractions, and it provides the adventurous with the opportunity to see diverse wildlife in action. It also allows visitors to just enjoy the beauty of nature through its various tracks and trails. The beauty of Black Park has been acknowledged by filmmakers. In fact, it has been used as a filming ground by both small and large film productions for several years.

Slough Ice Arena

If you want to experience skating in an ice rink in Slough, the Slough Ice Arena is the perfect spot for you. Constructed in the 1980s originally for the Slough Jets ice hockey team, the arena is comprised of a huge skating rink, changing facilities, climbing wall, amusement arcade, and a diner. The Slough Ice Arena has also been commissioned to help enhance the health and overall well-being of residents in the area.

The Slough Ice Arena offers affordable entrance fees and you can rent skating gear and equipment at reasonable prices. There is also a café where you can enjoy great coffee while waiting for your companions who are in the rink.

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The Curve

Located in the heart of Slough, The Curve is an iconic library and cultural center rolled into one. The building has toilet facilities for the disabled and baby changing stations on every floor, so it makes it convenient for anyone who needs to use the toilet or change their babies’ soiled diapers and clothes.  The Curve houses a museum, a performance venue, an exhibition area, computer suites, a gallery, a library, and even a wedding room.

There are so many attractive tourist destinations in England, but Slough is a must on your bucket list. The next time you plan to travel to the UK, take time to include Slough in your list so you can see for yourself the beauty and immersive culture this place has to offer.

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