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Need a discreet brace that treats complex orthodontics? 5 FAQs about the Incognito brace answered

When many people hear the word ‘brace,’ they picture the traditional, far from discreet metal braces that are typically worn by children and teenagers.

However, as functional as these types of braces are for treating more complex orthodontic problems, the fact that they are so noticeable has done little to increase their popularity among teenagers and adults. And so, to increase the popularity of braces (along with the confidence of adults), there are now invisible, clear and even hidden braces that can straighten a smile without drawing stares.

While there are many different brands of clear braces in W1, this article will focus on one of the best-hidden braces that are available – the Incognito brace. As the name suggests, this brace is designed to remain hidden and, unlike traditional or even other types of clear braces from W1, it is fitted to the back of your teeth!

Curious to learn more? Read on for answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Incognito brace.

How do they work?

As one of the most popular brands of clear braces near W1, the Incognito brace works differently from other types of adult aligners. Indeed, as the brace is fitted to the back of your teeth and has a wire, your dentist will adjust them in the same way as they would a traditional, metal brace. The only difference is, it will be from the back! However, while these braces can treat more complex orthodontic issues that other types of adult aligners, they cannot treat as many issues as traditional braces can.

Will they make me talk strangely?

They may do. As they are fitted to the back of your teeth, the area that your tongue has to move around in will become smaller, meaning that your speech may be altered for the first few weeks of usage. But, as with all things, your speech pattern will adjust over time and soon, you will forget that you have them fitted.

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How long will I need to wear them for?

What separates the Incognito brace from other clear and invisible braces is that the treatment time is a lot longer. As they can treat more complex issues, the wear time is about the same as it would be with a traditional brace, which can vary from 18 months to 2 years. But, as they are hidden, this time will go by much faster!

What are they made from?

Interestingly, the Incognito brace is composed of 2 separate materials; the wire is made from a simple but flexible metal but the brackets that are affixed to the back of your teeth are actually made from a gold alloy! Very fancy!

Are they expensive?

All adult aimed orthodontics is quite expensive but as many dental surgeries offer the Incognito brace, you should enquire about payment plans or financing options to help you spread the cost into monthly payments. In short, the Incognito brace costs about the same as the treatment with a regular metal brace.

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