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Home Pup-parations: All You Need to Do

When you bring a puppy home with you, it will be like you are looking after a fragile little child that will wreak havoc in your home if you have not made any preparations before their arrival. Apart from the mess that they could create and the never-ending cleanup job on your hands, the most important thing would be the safety of your puppy. It will be your responsibility to make sure that your entire home is safe for them to roam around in. To help you prepare, here are some tips to puppy-proof your house and keep the new addition to your family safe from any hazards.

Go Down to Their Eye Level

It might feel silly to do this at first, but this step is advisable for any pet owner. Going down on all fours and looking around the places in your home where your puppy can wander around will help you find things that may threaten the safety of your puppy. You are basically stooping down close to their eye level and surveying spaces where they might find random troubles.

There are many things to look for. One is stuff to chew on. Your puppy might find electrical wires and cords lying on the ground, which can kill them if they chew on those while plugged in. Trash cans should be kept secured. Bins should be covered tightly so that your puppy can’t get to the trash, or you can place them somewhere out of their reach. Small things like pebbles, figurines, etcetera should also be kept out of their reach as these could be choking hazards. Try to look for any hazardous items that can choke, strangle, suffocate, poison, or electrocute them and immediately remove them from the area for your puppy.

Clean the Areas Where They Can Play In

As a dog owner, you will have to get used to constantly cleaning the mess that your dog will make inside your house. But before your puppy starts to live in your home, you should already begin with cleaning to keep the entire area safe for them. Apart from removing the things on the floor and relatively low places that they can chew on, you can opt to remove certain things like rugs, carpets, and some furniture.

Carpets and rugs can harbor much dirt and grime, which may be dangerous to your puppy. After a few weeks, the carpet will also trap the fur and dander of your pet. These floor mats can also become breeding grounds for pests such as fleas and ticks for which you’ll need pest control services to avoid them from latching onto your puppy. If possible, consider removing your carpet and switching to something more durable and easier to clean like tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring. But if not, you’ll have to settle with vacuuming a few times a week to keep your floor clean.

If you value certain pieces of furniture in your home, put them somewhere in the house where your puppy cannot touch them. These may be scratched and chewed on, which you definitely don’t want. Consider switching the covers to something like leather for easier cleaning for other furniture that they will be allowed to interact with. You can also find couch covers specifically for dog lounging to protect your furniture.

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Secure the Perimeters

You may find that keeping them out of certain places where you don’t want them can be a chore in and of itself. Dog gates can be installed in room entrances and even staircases both for their safety and your convenience. Child safety locks can also work for those clever dogs that learned to open your cabinets and drawers, especially if these are the places where you store medical or cleaning supplies.

Windows should also be secured if you see them constantly hanging around those places. For the entire yard, a fence should help if they manage to get outside without your supervision. Just make sure that they won’t fit through the gaps.

Keep Your Yard Safe

Lastly, you should keep your yard safe for your puppy if you’d let them play outside or just in case they find a way to escape through open doors or windows. Aside from worrying about fleas and ticks that can live in your grass, you should also make sure that your yard is free of poisonous plants for dogs. Some of these are edible and beneficial for us but can be lethal if ingested by dogs. Chemicals and certain fertilizers should also be avoided if you live with pets.

With these tips, you are ready to become the best dog parent ever. Having prepared for your puppy’s safety, you can focus on keeping them healthy and giving them all the love you can give. Remember to keep up your cleaning efforts to maintain a healthy home for your family and pet.

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