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Open-Concept Homes: Keeping It Chic & Healthy amid COVID-19

Thanks to the genius of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, open concept homes have become a de-facto style for many western homes to date. His well-known designs, in essence, have become the trendsetters in the initial half of the 20th century. Even today, his designs have become glorious specimens of study for many architectural students of our times.

What’s amazing is implementing the open concept can be instrumental in helping you survive the pandemic in one piece. For starters, all sorts of mental health issues have been thrown to every American ever since the virus came to town. To add injury to insult, our health is also being jeopardized, something we so dearly need in a time like this.

It’s true. Open-floor plans are nothing really new. It’s been around for some time. You’ll see, however, that making sure your precious abode follows the open floor plan has its unique advantages. It’s no accident that these homes have been in great demand lately.

Therefore, it’s paramount on your part to look deeper into it all before things go out of hand. In times like these, procrastination can be costly. Check out these essentials to get started.

Better Convenience

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Think of the benefits of your eyes going further. With an open floor plan, walls are minimal; thereby, your personal space is continuous. Someone in the kitchen cooking can see someone watching Netflix on your smart TV in the living room. And vice-versa.

All that interconnectivity means better monitoring for you, not to mention stunning designs at your disposal. Usually, an open-concept home is composed of the living room, which also serves as the dining room. Besides all that is the kitchen that opens to the living room. It’s one multi-purpose space at your disposal.

That means you can see who comes in the door. Also, you can have junior set up a space for his laptop and online class as you do the dishes. It’s all convenient for you. You won’t have to open the door to monitor your son doing homework. That can translate to enhanced safety for everyone. You can even keep an eye on your little ones while they’re at play.

Better Health

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With an open space approach, air from the outside flows freely. And that can have great health benefits for you. To note, fresh air from the outside has more oxygen than air that’s only circulating indoors.

More oxygen means better cognitive function as your brain works better with an increase of oxygen. What’s more, you get a slew of health benefits just like going outside. Top of that list is a better mood, a cleaner lung.

Additionally, you let more natural light in. Not only do you lower your energy bills in doing so, but you also welcome tons of Vitamin D into your abode. That gives you better bone health, not to mention lessen your risk of heart disease and cancer.

In short, you bring your health a notch higher with an open-plan floor plan.

Now to free your design of the walls and factor all that space is another thing. While you can certainly do your part and DIY it all, having home improvement contractors tackle the task should bid you well. Not only do they have massive experience, but they also have the right tools to get the job done in a jiffy. In other words, it won’t take long.

Better Family Bonding

All that freed space can mean only one thing. You have a better venue for family gatherings. When walls fall apart, communicating is easier. Thus, it would be ideal for fostering better bonding and family togetherness.

When the virus is wreaking havoc on the economy and giving us mental health issues, stronger family ties can be a lifesaver. For one, you can have a great time making sit-down dinners. And as you’re not sealing other family members off, everyone can hang out in the same space doing different things, much like a tribe.

Better Looks

Last but not least, you open yourself to more stunning aesthetics when you decide to have an open-concept home. It’s like having a blank canvas where you can paint anything you want.

For starters, you can expand the living room as more space is available to you. On the other hand, you can also add more space to the dining room should you want to. And if you want to define a space, you can arrange special lighting for each. In this sense, you create a room without erecting walls.

It’s magical. Best of all, in times like these, it works.

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