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Owning A Horse: What Items You Should Have

A horse is a fantastic animal to have. They can be great friends and horseback riding is a wonderful hobby. However, they are huge pets that come with even huger amounts of responsibility. You need to make sure you have the right equipment to take care of your horse properly.

Here are some things you should get when you own a horse.


You need a tack, but the tack you require for riding will vary on what style you decide to choose. The most essential and basic tack piece you should get is the halter as it lets you restrain and handle your horse.

You also need to get a saddle in the style you want and the right saddle to suit your saddle type. Get horse bits and a bridle, as well. The exact bit type will depend on what will work best for the horse.

Grooming Tools

You need to groom your horse regularly to keep their hooves and coat healthy. Plus, it helps you bond with your horse, which is crucial to every horse owner. Most horses also enjoy getting brushed, and it encourages good behavior when you pick their hooves.

Some basic grooming tools you should get are a shedding blade for the springtime, a soft brush to make their coat shiny, a hard plastic comb or curry comb to remove debris from their coat, and a hoof pick to clean their hooves.


woman giving apple to horseA horse is still a pet that enjoys getting treats. Giving your horse treats can help grow your bond and reward them for good behavior. It will also let them know every interaction with you can be positive when you give them a treat.

You can purchase horse treats for them. Make sure the ingredients are all-natural and are beneficial for the horse. You could also bring basic treats like carrots and apples for your house. Remember, they are called treats for a reason. They should not be a replacement for your horse’s diet. You do not want to own overweight and unhealthy horse.

Emergency Care

A responsible horse owner should prepare an emergency care kit. You should get wound powder since your horses are prone to getting minor injuries, scrapes, and cuts when you ride them. That way, you can treat small wounds to avoid infections, especially if you need not see a veterinarian.

You should keep an animal first-aid kit with bandages, thermometers, and other essentials in the barn. Keep a list of important numbers, too, like local animal control and a veterinarian in your kit for emergencies.


For driving, you will need a harness for your horse. Different harnesses will suit the driving that you want to do. You will need a sturdy and safe vehicle along with a harness with a bridle. You can also get a riding whip. You should also have a helmet. Never skip this because it is essential for your safety.

You should never skimp out on the essentials when you own a horse. Get all the items mentioned to help you take care of your horse well.

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