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Painting Trends for Used Furniture

Several elements will work together in your workspace to generate the desired look. While the decor elements and layout are undoubtedly essential, your furniture will occupy the largest portion of your space. It is, therefore, important to make the right choices. When most business owners think of their workspace furniture, they assume that this means splashing a massive budget on getting new pieces.

There now exists refurbished furniture for offices at a Salt Lake City store that will transform your space at unbelievably low prices. When most business owners hear the word refurbished, they think that this means worn-out furniture that will paint their workplace as a dull and cheap space. With a few tweaks, however, used furniture can look as good as or even better than new pieces.

One of the standard options for renovating old furniture is painting it. The following are some of the trendy painting options available for office furniture.

Flat Matte Finishes

Matte finishes have generated a clean and ultra-modern look for furniture pieces. The best choices for office furniture include black, gray, and white palettes. The wood in mid-century furniture pieces has an almost copper effect when painted with matte black paint. Alternatively, you can choose a smooth finish and have the flat matte paint finishes for the hardware.

Metallic Paints

Copper, gold, and silver paints are currently all the rage for office furniture. These paints are used to highlight the intricate curves and edges on furniture. Metallic paints will lend an interesting design detail to your pieces without coming off as too pretentious. These paints can be matched with the upholstery and painting in other details of your office to generate a cohesive look.

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Spray Paint

Spray painting lends your furniture pieces a glossy and smooth finish that makes the pieces look strong and bold. Moreover, it creates an interesting contrast with the rest of your furniture when used on its hardware. Most people think that spray painting will make their pieces look cheap, but when professionally handled, it can significantly boost your entire office’s look.

Chalk Paint

This is a flat paint option that allows the underlying wood in your furniture pieces to shine through it. When using chalk paint, a dark undercoat will be used before the piece is finished with lighter or usually white layers. When using chalk paint, professionals aim for the creation of contrast and interest that will generate an antique-like look.

Bright Paint Colors

Office furniture meant neutral colors for quite some time. These days, people are leaning towards bright and interesting colors that make their workspace stand out and invigorate employees. Bright paint colors for your furniture are the best choice for introducing a splash of color into your interiors. But you should keep the bright colors to a minimum to avoid coming off as childish and too busy.

With an investment in these trends, your used office furniture will paint your workspace in the best possible light. Even so, you should get your pieces from a reputable dealer. This way, you can make sure none of the pieces is stolen, and everything is in good condition for your office.

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