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Planning The Most Romantic Proposal Ever Without Spending Too Much

Why is there so much pressure when it comes to proposals? Does it really have to be glamorous, expensive, and out of this world? The truth is, many people forget that a marriage proposal needs to be sincere and, most importantly, authentic over anything else.

Most women appreciate it even more if their partners proclaim their intentions in the simplest gestures. Indeed, you need a ring to ask for her hand, but you can ask her for marriage without breaking the bank.

Listed below are the most romantic yet inexpensive proposal ideas.

On her favorite trail

If your lady loves hiking and adventure, you automatically got yourself the perfect place to propose. Choose her favorite trail, where you both made special memories together, or you can also take her to a brand new trail with a spectacular view and bend in one knee.

But be sure to check the trail reports before you go. Double-check the weather forecast, and prepare some drinks and snacks as well. If possible, bring a friend or two to capture the special moment in photos.

Ask your pet for help.

You can never go wrong with cheesy proposal ideas. Involve your beloved fur baby in the proposal by putting the engagement ring on the collar. If your pets played a huge part in the progress of your relationship, make sure to include them in the photos too.

Make them hold a sign that says, “Mum and dad just got engaged.” Proposals with pets are cute. And besides, how could she say no to those pretty eyes?

Put the ring in her favorite deengagement ringssert.

A ring on a cake is a classic proposal idea, but it’s always a crowd favorite. Invite her for dinner in a restaurant with a nice view. It would be much better if you arrived at the venue earlier than her to speak with the staff to explain your plan for the night. In most cases, restaurant servers are always more than happy to be a part of special occasions like wedding proposals.

Once you see her or before she even steps on the entrance doormat, give a signal to your accomplice to confirm that she’s arrived. When it’s time for dessert, get down on your knee and say the magic words, “Will you marry me?”


Take her to a concert.

Is your partner an avid concert lover? Perhaps she has a favorite band or artist that will hold a concert soon? Now is the perfect time to ask her hand for marriage in the most memorable way. Wait for her favorite song to play and give her the ring during the chorus.

But if you want to make things more interesting, try to find an accomplice from the even management and ask if you could propose to her on stage. Concert organizers often allow on-stage proposals as it adds more flavor to the show.


Take your proposal to the next level by proposing under the water. You can propose while you’re both submerged in a pool, lake, or river. However, this is an instance where you must opt to use a fake ring first.

DO NOT propose underwater with an expensive ring. You’ll never know what might happen, so it’s better safe than sorry. Also, it would also be nicer to have a close friend of yours around to capture the magical moment underwater.

At a family gathering

If your girlfriend loves spending time with her family, then a proposal at a family gathering is a great way to make her say yes. Ask one of her parents if it’s okay to propose during the occasion and if they say yes, make sure to keep them in the loop.

What’s great about proposals with families is that it’s extra special. Knowing that her family and friends support the two of you is a good indication that they trust you as her lifelong partner.

With a bouquet

Keep it simple by proposing with a bouquet. Get her favorite flowers and attach the ring to one of the stems. Go to her house and surprise her with your gift, and be vocal about your intentions. Hand over the bouquet to your girlfriend as you bend down on one knee. Of course, she might not see the hidden ring right away, making the proposal even more classic yet romantic.

If there’s one thing that you need to remember in planning your proposal, it’s the fact that you need to make it personal. Go for a proposal that you know will touch her heart and make her cry with happy tears. It’s not always about extravagance. All you need to do is be sincere, honest, and authentic about your feelings,

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