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Plate Compactors: Everything You Need to Know About This Equipment

Have you ever noticed how smooth your driving was on pavements? You have plate compactors to thank for that. A plate compactor is a type of equipment used in construction. It’s often used on driveways, parking lots, sub bases, and other repair jobs. It’s more effective to use this type of equipment in smaller areas since large rollers are not ideal for those. There are different kinds of plate compactors, and here’s what you need to know about them:

Plate Compactors 101

Plate compactors are useful pieces of equipment in making pavements and the like. It has a unique purpose since it can be used for smaller spaces. It also has three kinds: the reversible plate compactor, single-plate compactor, and heavy-duty plate compactor. Their functions vary so choosing depends on the type of job it can do.

Take note that a reversible compactor also has the same function as a normal one, only that it can go on the reverse and hover mode. This is a better choice because it can move more freely compared to single-plate compactors, which only go in one direction (forward). It’s also great for larger spaces and other construction projects.

Make sure to choose a reversible compactor that’s made by a reputable brand and one that has been designed and made to perform heavy-duty tasks. An impressive compactor is also one that’s easy to operate, durable, and helps in doing tasks faster.

Specifications of Plate Compactors

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The plates of compactors range between 15 and 25 inches in width. They can produce centrifugal force amounting from 3,000 to 4,000 lbs. Centrifugal force is not the only factor determining the quality of performance for this equipment. Weight and amplitude also play important roles and should be considered when buying.

Eccentric frequency is another factor to keep in mind. Cohesive soil compaction requires a lower eccentric frequency. On the other hand, asphalt and other granular materials need higher eccentric frequency. The shapes of the plates influence the compaction. That said, there will be no scratches when using curved plates. It can also make turning more manageable. The curve of the plate is seen near the edging. This is good for tight spaces.

Some of the newer editions of plate compactors are the anti-vibration handles. This is beneficial for the operator because there’s less to no vibration when using it. There are also compactors with “central-mounted handles.” These are good for asphalt. Swinging handles that are found in some compactors can improve the operation of the equipment.

Lastly, such a piece of equipment needs regular maintenance to optimize its use. This is to make sure that the engine is in its prime condition. The plates and water tanks must be checked for debris. Furthermore, the tightness of bolt and hardware should always be maintained for it to function properly.

Plate compactors make any construction project easier. It’s a piece of useful equipment for compacting soil thus buying from a reputable brand guarantees that the equipment is durable and high-quality. It’s important to choose from the right seller to purchase the right equipment. Make sure that it can do the required function for a specific type of job.

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