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Practical Ways to Pass a Job Interview

Nobody gets a job served on a silver platter. This is especially true if you are only starting to carve your career path. One of the things a young professional dreads is passing an interview. But, it does not have to be a frightful experience if you know what to do. Here is a rundown of things you must keep in mind.

Your Appearance Matters

Making yourself look presentable and neat speaks volumes. A clean face is a pleasure to look at. For males, consider a beard trim or shave before the interview. A haircut will also add points. Women should not rely on heavy make-ups. Going natural is the best choice. Reserve fancy hairstyles for parties. Keeping your hair away from your face through a neat ponytail is better.

Your choice of clothes will also affect how the interviewer sees you. Settle with crisp and smart casual clothes. You would not want to look so carefree nor too stiff.

There Are Three Essential P’s

Punctuality, preparedness, and professionalism are the keys to help you snag a position. Be mindful of the schedule given to you. Come on time. You should have enough breathing space. But do not come too early and wander the premises. This also is true for online interviews. If a schedule is set, stick to it. Giving technical difficulties as an excuse is unacceptable.

Preparedness comes in many forms. But one of its manifestations is to have all documents handy. Also, you can practice at home to answer some common interview questions. This will give your confidence a boost. Remember to always be professional. You should not treat your interviewer as a friend, even how amicable they may be.

Research Is Essential

A good sign of your interest in a company is doing prior research about them. Do not go empty-handed in an interview. At the very least, you should know the company’s industry and specialization. Finding out about their history, vision, and mission can leave a good impression. This will help the interviewer measure your eagerness to be a part of their company.

There Are Things Beyond Your Words

You may have practiced everything to the dot. But, remember that your body language can give you away. Thus, it is important to condition yourself well. Avoid fidgeting, playing with your clothes, or looking away from the interviewer. These things signal your distress or nervousness.

Also, be an attentive listener. An interview does not have to be your monologue. Let the interviewer speak also. You may ask questions if you wish to clarify something.

Good Manners Go a Long Way

Businessman celebrating a win while looking at the laptop

Greeting the interviewer and giving a firm handshake are not only perfunctory gestures. They are signs of a well-mannered applicant. Even if you feel that your qualifications are well-fitted for the position, do not be pompous about it. Sometimes, a good attitude overrides high credentials. The company needs a confident employee, but not an arrogant one. Saying thank you at the end of the interviewee also leaves a good mark. Extending it to a thank you email is also a good gesture.

An interview is your passage to a job. It is up to you to exert effort for that door to open up opportunities for you or remain closed. Remember though that as long as you do your best, you will get the right job meant for you.

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