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Prepping Your Home for a Wedding Ceremony and Reception

So, you’ve decided to take your relationship to the next level and are planning to get married soon. You’ve finalized the details of your wedding and decided to hold the ceremony and reception inside the four corners of your residential property. A big part of your wedding plan would be the preparation of your entire home for the big day.

Home and garden weddings are not new. Many couples who are not very particular when it comes to venues or those who don’t prefer a church wedding choose to exchange marriage vows at home or in their garden. This option is also popular among couples who prefer a small guest list and a more intimate gathering. They limit the budget and the number of guests to make the ceremony and reception solemn.

If you are among those couples, this guide will help you plan things out and make the wedding day one for the books.

Living Room Makeover

You are about to welcome guests, family, and friends before and during the wedding, so it makes sense to prepare your house. Cleaning the house and doing some repairs are the usual tasks you will need to take on. Aside from them, you need to ready your living room because it is where you will welcome your guests and let them relax or wait for some refreshments.

You might need to rearrange your furniture to free up some space or buy new ones to accommodate more people. You should also decorate the living area and add a focal point so that your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable. Because your house will be crowded during the ceremony and reception, you will need to invest in extra air conditioning systems or electric fans.

Walking Down the Staircase

Everybody will wait for the bride to come out of her room and walk down the staircase (if the house has one). If you are renovating your home for the wedding, why not include staircase design and construction in the plan. The bride is sure to look gorgeous on the wedding photos and video as she walks down and gets welcomed by her groom, family, and friends.

Exchanging Vows at the Garden

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Perhaps the most special moment in a garden wedding is the exchange of marriage vows. But some would say that it’s the magical kiss. Everyone is expecting the venue to be as beautiful as it can be. You can hire professional landscapers or florist to take care of the venue preparation. You should also coordinate with your wedding planner (if you have one) to make sure everything is taken care of.

A Lot of Space at the Parking Lot

Some, if not all of your guests, will be driving their cars, so you should have enough parking space. Make sure their vehicles can park and leave easily. The parking lot should also be secure. It’s best to coordinate with local officials and law enforcement agencies to ensure the smooth flow of the event.

For many people, marriage happens only once in their lifetime. That is why they want to make it as memorable as possible. Use this guide to ensure the success of your wedding day.

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