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Home Improvement: Decorating the Home to Promote Wellness

The end of the pandemic may already be in sight as the government already administered more than 130 million doses of the vaccine. Despite this, some people are still anxious about the situation even if they are working from home.

Thus, it is essential to make the home a safe place for people with anxiety issues about the health crisis. While moving somewhere else can be an option, homeowners can also give their homes a makeover to convert them into a sanctum of wellness and peace. Here are some things a homeowner can do to create a tranquil abode that is more than just a nice place to look at.

Remove the Clutter

The first thing a homeowner can do is to remove all the clutter in the house. Followers of the KonMari method of Marie Kondo are familiar with this practice. They know that clutter can create physical and mental chaos that can affect a person’s peace of mind.

Clutter in the home can result in time wasted in looking for a phone set on silent mode. A disorganized home also causes a feeling of anxiety and distress. This means homeowners should start working on removing the clutter in the closet and discard anything that does not spark joy.

For items with sentimental value, they can store them in eye-catching storage containers, such as woven baskets or oversized clear jars.

Add Some Color

Putting some color into the home can transform the overall mood of each room. The homeowner can add color to the wall or put in colorful statements in the room. Using silky white fabric gives the room a sense of serenity and peace, which is ideal for the bedroom. A lighter shade of blue is an option for the living room since it exudes health and wellness.

It is challenging to find a suitable color for each room in the house. So, it’s best to look at different color shades and combinations to know the best color scheme that positively impacts the homeowner.

Add Greenery

The great outdoors can help people improve their mental health in the middle of the pandemic. The lifting of some restrictions allowed people to go hiking and camping in many state and national parks in different parts of the country. But some people may not be keen on going out for now. Due to this, they can bring nature into their homes.

They can bring plants into the home to take out toxins inside the house. The green design allows homeowners to recharge after a stressful week at work. If they do not have time to take care of the plants, they can get varieties that do not require a lot of maintenance, such as snake plants or parlor palms. They can also incorporate a vertical green landscape into the home by hiring a company to fabricate a steel frame for the plants.

Allow the Textures to Complement the Decor

home improvement concept

Aside from the color, homeowners can also explore using natural textures that can complement the decor of the house. Using natural textures allows people who cannot use plants to mimic the beauty of nature in their homes.

These decorative pieces are made of natural materials that offer the same tranquility people feel when plants surround them. Using earthy pieces promotes an inner calm that people need during a health crisis. It also increases their appreciation of the beauty of nature even if they haven’t visited any of the state or national parks since the pandemic started.

Use Natural Light

Sunlight has restorative and protective effects on the health of people. It enhances immunity and helps people deal with depression. Homeowners can incorporate this in decorating their homes by allowing natural light to enter the house.

Rooms with natural light typically have a tranquil ambiance compared to rooms that use artificial light. They also improve the mood of its occupant and boost productivity. People who live in apartments where windows are rare can use reflective surfaces to bring light into the home. Strategically position mirrors in the home allow them to reflect sunlight and increase natural light inside the home.

Balance Everything

Homeowners should also strike a good balance when they decorate their homes. While each room can have its theme, it should contribute to the mental wellness of the occupants. Additionally, the decoration should be in complete harmony to make the space relaxing and tranquil.

Even with the uncertainty of the situation, homeowners can still create a sanctuary to find peace in the middle of the health crisis.

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