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Quick Weekend Trip Ideas to Help You Reconnect With Yourself

You should take time off your work. But of course, you already know that. Taking a break is just one thing that is easier said than done. If you can’t leave your desk or get off the phone for a solid 24 hours, challenge yourself to go on a work-free weekend getaway.

How Can You Free Up Some Time off Work?

You can ask someone else to take over some of the work you can delegate to other people. This is so you can temporarily have some free time. If you are looking for long-term solutions to your busy schedule, there are a few ways to do this.

You can hire a virtual assistant who can take care of all the simple tasks you need to finish. By hiring one, you get to spend more time on the more complicated tasks. As a result, you get to free up some time for your personal life.

You can also enlist the service of third-party service providers. Some of the work you can outsource include accounting, customer service, payroll management, and many more. Sometimes, it’s even cheaper to outsource some services than to do them yourself or hire an employee to fill in the job.

Suppose you are in the real estate industry, especially constructing apartment complexes. In that case, you can hire facility management companies to overlook your construction needs. They will take care of the logistics and other support you need.

Quick Weekend Getaway Ideas

Going back to the main dilemma, if you want to find the balance between work and personal leisure, you can try quick weekend trips. The weekend is perfect for doing something outside your work. It can be a short drive out of town or anything requiring much planning and riding planes. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


1. Rent a House

This is perfect when you are too exhausted for physically challenging activities. Sometimes, you want to catch up on sleep or enjoy the silence you can’t afford on the weekdays. And it’s more relaxing to do these things in a place other than your own house. Sometimes, spending a weekend at home doesn’t feel like much of a treat. So why not do this from time to time?

You can rent a house on websites like Airbnb for the entire weekend. Choose a property where you can maximize the amenities they offer. Some properties give you access to a pool; others have home theaters perfect for movie time. Other rentals have fully-stocked kitchens so you can cook and eat all weekend.

You can choose to spend your time alone or bring your friends or family. Or if you want to be alone with your pet, that’s perfect too. Rentals are ideal for a budget-friendly getaway. You also don’t need to drive too far out. You can choose a rental in your own town.

2. Explore Your Town

Suppose you want to take some time to fully appreciate your own city’s beauty. In that case, you will understand how fascinating it can be to be a tourist in your town. Sometimes, you are not too far from fun. You only have to pay attention.

You can either walk, ride a bike, or drive around town. You can have a theme for your weekend adventure. For example, on Saturday, you will visit churches. Or maybe you can do abandoned places or antique stores. You can go on a picnic or visit your local museum.

If you’ve been busy with work, chances are there may be new good hangout spots you don’t know about. You can even spend an entire afternoon people-watching. Take your camera out of its box for an adventure if you like taking photos.

3. Volunteer for an Event

If you don’t feel like spending the weekend alone and with people you know, you can look for charity events near you. If you spot one that falls on a weekend, sign up for it. Check websites for local volunteering opportunities, and you will likely find some.

This is a meaningful way to spend your free time. You are devoting your energy and time to a cause that benefits others. If you’ve been experiencing burnout, volunteering can also help.

Practicing altruism has benefits on the doer. Plus, you learn so much about other people while also getting to know yourself.

Whatever you decide to do on the weekend, make the most out of it. Make it your mission to manage your tasks so that you get to regularly spend some time on things that truly matter to you.

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