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Renewable Energy Sources: Setting Up a Wind Farm

When the pandemic started, oil prices went down with reduced demand for the commodity. But after a year, it has gone up to pre-pandemic levels as economies worldwide have started to recover and oil demand has increased. Oil, similar to coal, is a non-renewable source of power subjected to price changes depending on the demand. If you are an entrepreneur who has a factory that needs a lot of power, you wouldn’t want it to be at the mercy of these changes in the market.

You do have the option of using the most sustainable natural resource on the Earth to generate the power that you need. You can set up a wind power turbine to convert wind into electricity. You can even set up a wind farm to power your factory and even supply the surrounding community with cheap power. Here are the things you can do if you’re planning to set up a wind farm.

Planning the Wind Farm

Similar to any business venture, you should always start with a plan. It is also important to consult specialists when making the plan to ensure you’ll cover everything you need to cover. You should make sure to look for a location where the wind is abundant. Commercial wind farms require wind speeds of at least 6.5 meters per second. While faster speeds may be better, the equipment may get damaged if the speed is too fast for the equipment.

So, you should find a suitable area to set up the wind farm with minimal effects on the local wildlife. Your engineer may need to make adjustments to the equipment to take full advantage of the location and consider the aerodynamics, topography, and weather conditions of the area. You should also consider other things, such as access to the area, noise pollution, and effects on the local community.

Checking Local Wildlife

The plan for the wind farm should also consider local wildlife and the risk the wind turbines pose. You should take note that the spinning blades can kill endangered wildlife. So, you should make sure the turbines face away from wildlife corridors and paths of migratory birds.

The Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recommends creating a tiered approach when predicting and evaluating the species and habitats that the wind farm can affect. You should work with government agencies to reduce or eliminate the effects of the wind farm on local wildlife. For instance, you can opt to stop the turbines in the middle of the migration season or when winged animals are active in the area.

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Check the Expenses

The cost of setting up a commercial wind turbine cost around $1.3 million per megawatt. And the total cost of setting up a wind farm depends on the number of turbines you’ll install. You’ll also have to consider the cost of acquiring the land, construction contracts, and cost of financing.

Despite the huge initial investment, you can also take advantage of the government’s tax incentives to people who set up these types of projects. Additionally, you can look forward to cheaper and more stable power for your factories producing the products you’re selling in the market.

Checking the Legal Requirements

If you generate electricity, you’ll have to go through several federal laws governing public utilities, energy, and energy security. You should consult local lawyers and check how the state interprets these federal laws. Additionally, you should check local legislation when it comes to the generation of renewable energy. This is important so you can get all the permits you need to set up the wind farm. You’ll also have to work with the relevant government agency so you can get the permits as soon as possible.

Identifying the Equipment Requirements

After considering the expenses and financial requirements of setting up the wind farm, you should start identifying the equipment you’ll need. The first piece of equipment you’ll need is the wind turbine. Compared to the old-fashioned windmills, the turbines for the wind farm are bigger and sleeker. Their blades are also enormous and are taller than most buildings you can find in the rural areas where you’ll likely set up the wind farm.

In this case, you should also consider getting the services of a crane rental company when setting up wind turbines. The company must have the equipment and experience to handle the job to avoid any complications when setting up the turbines. You should remember that you should get a large turbine if you want to have a bigger generation capacity.

Setting up a wind farm is a good way for you to ensure all the power needs of your factories are met.

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