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Saying Goodbye: Bringing Comfort to a Terminally-ill Loved One

Death comes for people in various ways. For some, it happens quickly, but for some others, it is a gradual process. Those who are experiencing illness could experience it as a gradual process.

If there is little chance for recovery, the best that you can do for your loved one is to bring comfort to them. But how do you do it and where should you start? Here are a few suggestions.

Look Into Hospice Care

If your loved one has a terminal illness or failing physical condition, the goal is to bring them as much comfort as possible. If you can’t do so at home, then you might want to look for hospice care facilities that will help you. They have professional medical staff, but the focus is on bringing comfort to patients and supporting their relatives and friends. It may be your best choice if you don’t know where to start.

Spend Time With Them

Often, people decide to leave the dying alone so they can have peace. While this is done out of good intentions, sometimes, what they actually need is companionship. People who have accepted their imminent death often need to spend more time with the people they love. Whether this is to express their last wishes or regrets, it’s best to spend more time with them these days.

After all, it always helps to have someone by their side to assure them that everything will be all right. As much as you can, be at their side. You don’t have to talk, you can play their favorite card game or read their favorite book. Doing these things can help ease their mind.

Bring Comforting Items

Your loved one may have some items that they liked when they were still strong. Bringing those objects for them to see, smell, touch, or listen to can be exceptionally comforting for them. You can also bring them other items that help them remember fond memories of the past. Remind them of the stories of wonderful events in their lives. They may also bring you comfort, knowing that these memories are with you forever.

Set the Mood

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It’s going to be hard for your loved one to become comfortable if their surroundings aren’t accommodating at all. Make sure that their room is quiet, with only a few people coming in at any time. Try to lower the brightness as well, either by dimming the lights or covering the windows with curtains. If possible, you can play soft music to help them stay calm. You could also ask if there are other things you can add or change to the room to make them more comfortable.

Facing the fact that your loved one is dying can be painful for both of you. However, you can also view it as a positive event, considering that you have some time left to take care of loose ends. Make the most of it and keep your loved one as comfortable and happy as possible. Help them depart with good memories in their mind rather than anxiety and loneliness.

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