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Scandinavian Subtleties: Integrating Nordic Aesthetics into Your Garden

Making your home beautiful should be based on your needs and your family’s. It should be based on your own tastes and creative leanings. As time goes by, more and more people see and appreciate the value of simplicity and cleanliness. And this is something that you might want to see in your home.

When it comes to home improvement, a lot of people are having struggles with designing their garden and patio. Some design it well at first, but their lack of commitment to beauty makes it hard for them to sustain the design. Others just put together design items and accessories, making the garden look messy and all over the place. If you want to make a great-looking garden, you ought to borrow some design principles from Scandinavians.

The garden aesthetics of Scandinavians is pretty straightforward. It is all about simplicity and function. When these two are combined, they come up with something that is impossible to ignore. What’s good about it is that it is quite easy to maintain. If you are looking for some ways to integrate some Nordic aesthetics into your patio and garden, here are a few things that you ought to keep in mind:

Make it woody

One characteristic trait of Scandinavian aesthetics is the use of wood in various settings. The hardwood floor is preferred because of its insulation properties. If you want your patio to look Nordic, hardwood flooring can be a good addition. If you have a conservatory, this will also look good. But if your patio is an open space with roofing above, you might want to build a deck. The deck suggests openness and your efforts to welcome nature. Just complement your deck with the right furniture, preferably those pieces in neutral and ivory hues.

Let the plants go their course

You have to make sure that your garden is always clean as Scandinavians value neatness. Keep your grass trimmed. You might even seek the help of reliable residential and commercial mowers in Grand Prairie, Canada. However, you may leave some leeway for plants to go their natural course. If you have vines crawling around, you may want to place them near your portico and pergola to flourish. Some plants thrive on the walls of the house. You may let it happen, but maintain it properly as they can damage your home.

Bring it indoors

man watering his plantsScandinavians are not just about outdoor gardening. Some of them love it so much that they keep some pots and plants inside their home, especially during winter. You may wish to do the same by having a small yet charming vegetable garden  in your kitchen. It is quite functional, too.

Injecting some Nordic aesthetics into your garden is something that you might want to do if you want it to embody beauty and function. Pursue this type of design as it is not that hard to implement. You can always seek inspiration from home and garden improvement magazines. If you want, you should work with a reliable landscape architect.

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