Hairspray Science: How It Works and How to Use It

Gone are the days when we had to endure a bad hair day. With all the products and pieces of equipment we have today, there’s no more excuse for going to work with a poorly kept hairstyle. One of these products is hairspray. It can really make you wonder how something that fits inside a bottle can bring insurmountable benefits into your life. This article is our attempt to provide answers to that.

The Science Behind Hairspray

A few years back, hairspray is equipped with ethanol and other chemicals to keep the polymers inside the can in their vaporized form. Otherwise, it will turn solid, and you won’t be able to spray it. However, it was then found that the chemicals in hairspray are harmful to the earth’s ozone. To keep the environment safe, these chemicals that keep the polymers vaporized were replaced with hydrocarbons and alcohol.

The polymers you find in hairspray are actually those used in glues. Don’t worry! It’s not very concentrated that your hair will stay that way forever. Just know that the main reason hairspray can do wonders to your hair is that they have some similar ingredients glue has.

One type of polymer found in hairspray is called “polyvinylpyrrolidone.” This type of chemical dissolves easily when it gets into contact with water. It is a very safe substance for your body that it’s also used as a binder for medicinal tablets. This polymer is the reason hairspray can easily be removed by simply rinsing them with water.

If polyvinylpyrrolidone is not water-resistant, then how can hairspray withstand humidity? The reason is another type of polymer also found in hairspray called “polyvinyl acetate.” We’ve mentioned that hairspray had a substance that is also found in glues. Polyvinyl acetate is this polymer, which is also used in binding books and wood glue. Aside from these chemicals, various other agents have recently been added to hairspray.

Using Hairspray Like a Pro

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Hairspray has a lot of potential in working wonders with your hair. Here are a few tips you can do to help you use your hairspray like a pro to maximize this potential. These will not only amplify your hairspray skills but also keep you safe.

Keep Distance

Imagine all the chemicals inside the hairspray concentrated in a single area. Your hair will look greasy in no time. When using hairspray, you don’t really need to be too close to your hair. Make sure to stand a few feet away from your hair when applying hairspray.

Invest in Quality Stylers

Using hairspray would do wonders to your hairstyle like you’ve never imagined. However, when you use cheap products with poor quality when styling them, you might end up burning or damaging your hair. Make sure that you invest in a quality rotating hair styler to get those curves you want while keeping your hair healthy.

Use Your Hands

Well, yes, sometimes when you apply hairspray, you use your hands to style them, but that’s not what we mean. There can be stubborn strands that will keep on flying away from your hairstyle even after you’ve applied hairspray. This can easily be solved by applying hairspray onto your hand instead of directly onto the hair. Spray some on your hands and use them to pinpoint which portion of your hair must be fixed specifically.

Choose Your Hairspray Strength

There are a lot of different types of hairspray, and under these types are still even more plenty of options to choose from. It may be difficult to style your hair if the hairspray you’re using isn’t really meant for the hairstyle you’re after. Make sure that you conduct a little research before applying a certain type of hairspray to make sure that it serves the purpose you want it to.

Use a Toothbrush

We don’t mean using an old toothbrush, of course. It’s always great to have a specific toothbrush that you use for hairstyling. Hairspray tends to dispense their contents over a wide area. This can be a problem if you’re styling an area that’s close to your face. You can use a toothbrush to modify smaller areas by spraying the hairspray on it and then using that to brush and style your hair.

It’s amazing how changing one aspect of our lives can generally make us feel better. Styling your hair and making it look beautiful is one method to be more attractive and confident. That’s why you need to invest in hairspray. Understanding how they work and how to use them properly will bring lots of advantages to your life. Make sure you don’t miss out.

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