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Self-Care Starts at Home: Why Your Home Affects Your Health

One aspect of health that many people forget about is their domestic environment. If your home is not hygienic or poorly maintained, it can affect everyone’s health. Your home may look fine, but it can still be unhealthy to live in it. If your family always seems like they are getting sick, it might be their environment causing it. Here are some of the things you can improve in your home so that you can stay healthy.

Improve Air Quality

The air that you and your family breathe should be as clean as possible. There are several possible decisions you could choose. For example, if you are addicted to smoking, then you need to quit. Your family will suffer from second-hand smoke exposure. That can be worse if you don’t kick the addiction.

Another thing you can do for air quality is to do regular air duct cleaning. It might surprise you at what sort of dirt builds up in your air ducts. Ducts can become the home for a variety of health dangers. For one, mold can find ducts as the perfect breeding ground. They are dark and can accumulate moisture if you are not careful. If mold does manage to grow, the spores released in the ducts will affect those who have allergies and weak lungs. Having someone clean the mess that in your ducts simplifies this concern about the air quality.

There are also additional air quality products that you might need. A simple air purifier can help the place smell much better and reduce the allergens floating in the air. You should also invest in a dehumidifier. Humid air is bad for the health as it makes it difficult to sweat. It can also encourage mold growth in some areas.

You can even bring in some indoor plants to clean the air for you. A single indoor plant can help clean the air of dangerous chemicals so that people can live healthier lives.

Go Natural

When cleaning houses, you usually use harsh chemicals to be thorough about the job. But it would be best if you changed to milder and Earth-friendly options. The chemicals that many people use have become known for being linked to many health problems. One possible problem is asthma, while some cleaning chemicals might even cause cancer.

If you want to ensure that your cleaning materials are safe, you can make them. There are many natural cleaning solutions available. A liter of water and some baking soda is already a great all-purpose cleaner. It would help if you also looked into using vinegar and lemon for cleaning purposes.

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Be Cleaner

The most natural way to have a healthier house is to clean the place regularly. Your main concern is dust. Many people ignore the presence of dust until they can draw a line in it. At that point, it is too later. Chronic dust mite exposure can affect your health. Young people have a higher chance of developing asthma and allergies.

One way to reduce the dust in your home is to replace your carpeted floor. Carpets are notorious homes for dust. You have to vacuum to remove the dust and debris regularly. The replacement that you should get is either wood, linoleum, or tile. Dust doesn’t stick well to these surfaces, so all you have to do is wipe them off when necessary. If you can’t afford it yet, just do vacuuming every two weeks to get rid of the dust.

Install And Maintain Filter

Water and air filters are an important part of keeping you healthy. Air filters are a big help in maintaining air quality. But it would help if you were careful. Replace them at the end of every season so that they are fresh. Clogged air filters have a hard time cleaning the air and can even let dirt particles in.

As for water filters, put one over your tap. This is a much cleaner solution than drinking bottled water. The main difference is that the EPA regulates tap water and has yearly fitness tests. The FDA handles bottled water, and it doesn’t do any of the necessary tests after the initial one. Most tap water is chlorinated already so it should be clean, but you will want to get rid of the chlorine. A charcoal water filter should be enough to do that. You should also regularly replace the filters.

A healthy body needs a healthy home. With the right approach, you can ensure that there are fewer health hazards around you and provide the best environment for you to live.

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