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Take Your Self-care Ritual to Another Level with an Amazing Bath Experience

In a time of crisis, self-care has become more than necessary. It is where you can draw your strength to carry on. Most people turn to self-care rituals to endure a stressful global pandemic. Others who battle an illness or personal problems also find solace in self-care routines. The word “self-care” may now seem overused. But there’s so much value in it that you should elevate your self-care rituals when you can.

It may come in different forms—eating healthy, binge-watching your favorite TV shows, or working out on weekends. You can also get that much-needed “me” time by taking a long and amazing bath. It isn’t merely for cleansing. It’s also good for calming your mind and soothing every sore muscle in your body.

But maybe, you don’t think you have the time, patience, or resources to draw a perfect bath. At this point, we’re going to disagree. Taking a long bath doesn’t have to be tedious. By adding a few elements or using the right mix of ingredients, you can easily take your bath experience to another level.

Always Use the Right Mix

Herbs and flowers can surely improve your bath experience. The problem, however, is not all people have the time and resources to get the highest-quality herbs and flowers for their bath. If that’s the case with you, consider relying on essential oils. As long as you use the right mix of essential oils, you can emulate that five-star-hotel-like bath experience.

One good example is peppermint with eucalyptus. That’s a good mix if you want to clear and enhance your breathing. De-stressing is possible with the mix of essential oils with lemon, clove bud, cedarwood, and orange essence.

And if you need help calming your mind before bedtime, make sure to mix in a few drops of lavender to your nighttime bath at home. That’s a great way to end a tiring day. The same goes for battling mental health issues. Say you’ve just come from a treatment session for your eating disorder. You can ensure a good snooze and proper rest by taking a nighttime bath with lavender essential oil.

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Get Ingredients from Your Kitchen Pantry

When you’re too busy or occupied, don’t go out and shop for fresh flowers or rare herbs. Sometimes, all you need to draw an amazing bath is to make a quick trip to your pantry. First, check your kitchen cabinets for some teabags. See if you have some chamomile teas. These are great for achieving a soothing bath before going to bed. Do you prefer drawing a bath in the morning to start your day right? Go and add some tea bags to your bath to get that much-needed energy boost to get through your day.

Noticed a can of finely-ground oats in your pantry? You can also add a cup of those to your bath. That’s a good tip if you currently have irritated or itchy skin. Don’t worry about these oats mixing with your bath. They can easily dissolve in water, and they won’t bother you as you lie in the bath for hours. If you don’t have the finely-ground kind, you can make a bit of effort grinding your usual oat supply using a food processor. But bear in mind that these regular oats won’t dissolve easily in the bath even after grinding.

It’s Time to Add a Bath Caddy

When you’re showering, you can finish in just a few minutes. After all, you only need to cleanse your body with soap, shampoo, and other toiletry products—and you’re done. Then again, taking a long bath isn’t merely about body cleansing. You can relax doing it for an hour or two by adding a simple item to your bathroom: a bath caddy.

With a bath caddy, you can extend your stay in a rejuvenating bathtub by reading a magazine while listening to your favorite tracks and drinking a glass of wine. If you have a bath caddy with a tablet holder, you can even binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows while enjoying your “me time” in the bathtub. There are even bath caddies that are multi-functional. Some have tablet holders that work as book stands, too. Others come with holes you can adjust so you can use them to hold your mug or a smaller cup of a scented candle. The bottom line is to find a bath caddy that suits your lifestyle, particularly your self-care ritual.

You don’t need to make too much fuss about making a perfect bath. With the right mix of ingredients and a few additions, you can elevate your bath experience and have a better self-care ritual.

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