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Simple Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

You will face a lot of health problems because of the quality of the indoor air you breathe in your house. Remember that you spend most of your time at home—yes, even if it’s not exactly for rest. How many hours a day do you spend outdoors? How many of those hours do you spend in a garden or in a park near large trees that produce quality oxygen?

You can’t gauge indoor air quality. Most of the things that cause health problems are odorless. You may not know, for example, that you need air duct cleaning services from Boise or other cities because of the appearance of dust mites and mold spores in the ducts. These don’t necessarily have a bad or putrid odor. You won’t know that you’re breathing contaminated air until you face serious respiratory problems.

Clean Your House Regularly

Sometimes, it’s as easy as this: Clean your house regularly. Only good indoor hygiene can cut down contaminants from the air significantly. When cleaning, make sure to reduce pet dander, mold, and dust lurking around the house.

You need to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week to remove allergens. You also need to change your bedding, curtains or drapes, and other items that tend to attract allergens. Decluttering is also another way to prevent dust from getting trapped in between items.

Keep Plants Outdoors

Some experts may suggest growing indoor plants such as succulents because they produce oxygen. But they may also cause a lot more problems because they can collect and foster the growth of mold. They may also trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Change and Clean the Filters

Change the filters of your air-conditioning system regularly. These help trap dust and other airborne irritants. But when the filters are not cleaned regularly, dust and other particles will continue to circulate in your home. You should also consider having those air ducts cleaned, as mentioned above. They can also be the breeding ground for mold and other bacteria.

Use Essential Oils

essentials oils

These can boost your beauty routine, sharpen your mind, and complement your meditation practices. Do you know that they can improve air quality, too? Woodsy and citrusy scents are known to prevent respiratory problems. Tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, for example, have been clinically shown to kill the airborne flu virus. Other essential oils such as lemongrass, cinnamon bark, pine, spruce, and fir can battle bacteria in the air.

Invest in an Air Purifier

It will help to use an air purifier in your home. If you’re allergic to pet dander, an air purifier will help remove the toxins and contaminants from your house. You should also consider a dehumidifier for your basement, attic, and bathrooms. This will remove possible mold growth.

Even in colder months, let the fresh air in by opening your windows and doors. You don’t have to do it for a long time. Even 15 minutes will do your air quality good. Make sure to bundle up when you do so because the cold blast of air may be detrimental to your health.

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