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Social media for dentists to help you engage with patients

Social media for dentists is an tool for marketing your dental practice to a wider audience on an informal basis so that they are encouraged to visit your website and book an appointment to address their dental needs with you. Alongside a modern and a bespoke dental website if you make the most of social media for dentists you will have a strong dental marketing campaign that will help boost the success of your business. With multiple dental practices available in each area it is important that you put time and effort into your dental marketing campaign to allow you to grow and expand your business.

Here in Australia, more than 90% of the adult population are active on social media and have at least one social media account. Social media for dentists allows you to reach out to your target audience but also gives them the chance to share the information that you have to offer with their friends and family, widening your audience further and helping to bring more patients for you.

The advantages of social media

Social media has many prospects. It allows you to educate your patients on the importance of good oral hygiene and looking after their dental health. It helps you inform patients of the treatments and procedures that you have to offer at your dental practice in interesting ways which you can change on a daily basis that may not be possible on your website. It helps you to engage with patients as recent studies show that they are likely to leave comments or queries on social media rather than calling the practice to find out more. This is especially the case with nervous patients who may usually avoid the dentist but feel more comfortable talking about their dental health or enquiring about their dental issues online rather than over the phone or in person.

It is important that when existing patients or potential patients present their questions and queries that you give them the time and answer their questions fully. You can encourage them to give you a call or book an appointment or at least continue the conversation so that you can nurture a relationship with them until they are comfortable to book an appointment and address their dental needs with you.

Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms of this generation. They both attract different demographics of the public so by creating a page for each of these platforms you will be able to widen your audience significantly. Facebook is ideal for written content. You can write about different treatments and procedures that you have to offer at the dental practice or you can write a few paragraphs about how good oral hygiene can benefit your life. Instagram is good for pictures and short video clips. You can display your before and after pictures here as well as creating video messages for your patients from different members of the team. For those patients who agree, you can add small clips of treatments being carried out at your practice during the day which you can then share with your audience.

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