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Starting as an Art Collector? Prepare You and Your Home for It

Having an art collection is undeniably costly. It’s by no means the same as buying pieces from IKEA and other affordable brands. Instead, you’ll be investing in rare and one-of-a-kind pieces created by esteemed artists. Veteran collectors even purchase art from abroad, costing them hefty shipping fees. But it’s all worth it because the art’s effect on their homes or galleries is priceless and unmatched.

If you’re a beginner in this lifestyle, the thought of spending thousands of bucks for a single art piece can be intimidating. But don’t be pressured to do that just yet. You can find beautiful bargains at charity auctions or auction houses, so focus your first collection goals on those sources until you’re ready to go extravagant.

And while you’re at it, make some changes in your home to make it showcase your collection splendidly. Here are some ways to bring a museum or gallery look into your dwelling:

1. Upgrade Lighting

If you’re hanging art on your walls, install sconces above them so that light will shine down on the art during the evening. Spotlights will also work great, as they’re not as heavy.

Place your art where they can be bathed in sunlight because that’ll make them look best during the day. Just ensure that your glass windows are protected from UV rays, or else, the colors on your art may fade.

2. Make All Rooms Suitable for Art

Dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms can also pull off a gallery just as beautifully as hallways. Choose low-standing furniture for those areas to make ample room for wall arts and sculptures.

3. Refurbish or Retrofit Your Stair Railings

A unique stair railing can look like a collection piece in itself. Besides, necessary wooden railings tend to have a cookie-cutter style, lacking appeal and visual interest. And in a gallery- or museum-style home, those can be an eyesore.

If your art collection fits the Victorian aesthetics, consider making your railing posts paneled and stained dark. Keep the surrounding walls white to make the railings pop and serve as a focal point.

For modern or contemporary art collections, metal railings with unique designs are more suitable. High-quality custom metal fabrication shops specialize in shaping metal in countless ways, from streamlined designs to outlandish styles.

4. Remodel Your Ceilings

Although basic high or low ceilings also look appealing, adding unique details to them will highlight the artful quality of your space and provide a greater framework for your collection. A wooden ceiling with rectangular details projecting to the floor, for instance, will draw your eye up, then down again to the art displays.

Bonus Tip: How and Where to Buy Your First Art Pieces

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Now that your space is ready for your first art collection, where should you look for unique pieces that won’t go over your budget?

Before rushing to any auction or museum, find inspiration from art fairs first. You’ll find multiple art galleries in those, and meet dealers that are eager to make sales. Ask substantial questions about a piece you like, such as how it’s made, how popular is the artist, or how old they are. Asking these questions before bargaining or buying right away will make you a more educated buyer that dealers prefer.

Collect art books to find inspiration, even at home. It would be amazing to buy artists’ books, which are small passion projects you can buy to support artists and get a signed copy from them. Moreover, art books can serve as beautiful coffee table books. Display them on open shelving and console tables to personalize those spaces.

Get to know new artists as well. Being an art collector doesn’t mean sticking to veteran artists only. As a beginner in the lifestyle, connecting with new artists can inspire you more in your collection journey.

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