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Is Staying Fit with Your Friends a Good Idea?

Since over a million Americans have been fully vaccinated, people are spending more time outdoors and with one another. They finally have the opportunity to run outside with their friends without the fear of receiving the worst end of COVID-19. So, exercising with your mates can be a great way to celebrate this newfound freedom for various reasons. One recent observation is the positive impact of being altruistic during the pandemic. Helping others in their time of need was shown to benefit their overall well-being.

You might have noticed some people forming groups to bike together, jog together, climb together, and so on. Exercising with your peers can keep the exhausting experience relatively fun. You could also hold each other accountable for any slip-ups, such as missing out on planned sessions or falling out of a meal plan. Moreover, you get to have a support system to push you through any mental obstacles that can arise.

Keeping It Fun

Working out with your friends does not always have to end up in a gym, nor does it have to be a bunch of repetition exercises. Instead, you could play together at home with exciting games like duckpin bowling. You will easily forget about the mental and physical weight of trying to stay fit as it is taken over by a desire to remain competitive. Rather than fighting against yourself, you will be competing against your friend. Hopefully, you will not be too fierce or too hard on each other, though; after all, it is meant to be a break from the monotony of gym equipment.

At the same time, through group activities, you can meet new people. You could stay fit while expanding your network of equally-minded people who have the same goals as you do. It is the perfect way for you to stay fun and in shape.

Holding Each Other Accountable

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Being healthy and staying active is challenging when no one is keeping you accountable for your actions. Having someone aware of your goals can make you more conscious about maintaining a promise you made to yourself and them. Whether you keep your end of the bargain or not, at least you will not be doing it alone. Your friend will be there to check in on you.

When you share a dream with someone, you tend to strive harder to achieve that goal more. It is a positive kind of peer pressure where people can be influenced by their friends to be a better version of themselves. Sometimes, the greatest obstacle for individuals to overcome is their negative thoughts or mindset.

While this may create a kind of co-dependency, it can also be a great way to develop some reaffirmation of self-worth and self-love. These two qualities are often reflective of a person’s emotional and physical traits. By having your peers next to you, echoing good thoughts that help you develop an agency toward being a better individual, you will get to your goals a lot faster.

Creating a Support System

It is important to be surrounded by individuals who understand your goals. They can be anyone you are close with, especially trusted friends. These people must also want you to reach your dream because it is something that can make you feel happy and fulfilled. Your support system will often be the determining factor in overcoming any crucible that comes your way. Although beating a challenge may take physical strength, emotional resilience is equally- if not more- important.

One of the three basic psychological needs of an individual is relatedness. This is the connection of an individual to those around them. It can define their personality but also affect the existence of the two other basic psychological needs of competence and autonomy.

Essentially, the relationship of one person to those around them can imply their ability to have a positive mental and physical well-being, as well as their agency to make decisions for themselves in their lives. According to this theory, your environment has a substantial impact on who you are and who you can become. So, having a group of people root for you when times are tough is crucial.

Although the road to mental and physical fitness is a personal one, it is an advantage to have others with you along the journey. You can find other people not just with the same goals in mind but also with personalities that can make it less daunting. They can keep it fun and push you when times are tough.

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