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Staying Healthy amid the Pandemic with These Activities

COVID-19 has taken the lives of over 2 million people worldwide, and that number increases as time goes by. Despite advice from health experts to observe coronavirus precautions, people still think the deadly disease is nothing and continue to flout health measures.

This is probably why younger and relatively healthier people are more prevalent in public places. Unfortunately for their older counterparts and those with pre-existing conditions, they are recommended to stay at home. Research has shown that people above the age of 60 will most likely experience severe symptoms if infected with the disease. Similarly, those suffering from pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, and others should expect to go down the same road.

So staying at home lessens your risk of catching the virus, but at the same time, it deprives you of activities you enjoy. And that isn’t the only problem. People have confirmed time and again that the quarantine period made them gain significant weight. No matter how badly they want to go to the gym, they understand that their chances of getting the virus are higher every time they are outside.

Are you one of these people? Well, no worries. Jogging and lifting weights aren’t the only exercises in existence. Here are some workouts you can do at home to shed off some quarantine pounds.

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This kind of workout is all about performing different workouts in short bursts for a certain duration. The intensity level really depends on the person’s weight. A few minutes of doing a high-intensity workout may even burn as many calories as an hour of jogging. Your blood pressure may even improve if you do this regularly.



Last year in August, sales of exercise bikes skyrocketed in the US. People knew how dangerous the virus was and decided to bike indoors since they can’t go outside. Although a little different from riding a real bike, a stationary one can burn around 600 calories in an hour, depending on the intensity you choose.


Jogging and walking are arguably the best exercises one can do. Both are good for the heart and are usually free. If you are willing to buy a treadmill for a few hundred bucks, then go for it. The benefits are undeniable, including being able to burn 700 to 1000 calories in an hour’s work. Plus, you won’t have to worry when it’s raining since you can do your workout inside the comfort of your own home.

Possible Outdoor Activities When Pandemic Eases

Nobody really knows when the pandemic will end. Vaccination programs have commenced despite skepticism from the public. It is quite impossible to keep people isolated forever. They will want to go outside and feel free again, and you might be one of them. Here are a few outdoor activities you should try when the threat of the coronavirus is no longer a huge threat.


For anyone who hasn’t tried it, snow skiing is surprisingly fun. There is something special about going thirty miles an hour downhill. Just make sure you are fully geared up with your ski jacket, headphones, men’s Nordica ski boots, a helmet, and a skiboard.

Regularly Running

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For the greater part of the quarantine period, people have resorted to lying around in their houses. As a matter of fact, sitting for long hours can increase your risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases.

Becoming active through running on a regular schedule might reduce your chances of suffering from chronic health problems in the future. Much like jogging and walking, accelerating at a faster pace using your legs can also benefit your cardiovascular health. On top of that, running lessens your risk of experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by improving cognitive function.

Dancing Classes

Compared to other workouts, dancing is much more enjoyable. You enroll in a class and make friends with other people in the studio. You get to perform moves that you only see on television. Dancing itself is a workout. You can burn around 400 calories in half an hour of using all your limbs in creative ways you never thought you could do.

However, as long as COVID-19 remains a threat, it is best to refrain from being in places you know the virus can easily spread. You cannot use the deadly disease as an excuse for why you look a lot heavier a year after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic last year.

There are various workouts you can substitute for outdoor activities, and some of them are just as effective. Remember, your life is not worth risking satisfying your temporary wants.

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