If You Want to Get Your Dream Garage, Here Are 4 Steps You Need to Take

A garage is more than a private parking space. For countless homeowners, it’s a workshop, a storage space, a makeshift man cave, and many more. So, what do you do if your current garage is not exactly up to par with your expectations?

Even with numerous Pinterest images of your ideal garage, it can be a challenge to transform it in a way that actually suits your needs. What you need right now is to cover the basics so that you can have a headstart in the right direction. By addressing the fundamental attributes of the ideal garage, you can be more confident of whatever personal touches you add once you’re done.

Go for Taller Doors

Have you ever attached something to the roof of your car and attempted to park in your garage? There’s a good chance that, as with many other homeowners, this did not end well for your garage door. The traditional 7 feet high doors won’t cut it anymore, especially if you use your car to haul all kinds of equipment like canoes, bicycles, furniture, and luggage for road trips. After all, what use is a car if it can’t manage those things for you, right?

When constructing your garage and installing doors, make your wall 9-feet high so that you can accommodate an 8-feet high door. You’ll find that this is useful not only for cars with cargo on top but for huge items you use in DIY projects.

Get Organized Early

You will be storing tons of objects in your garage, whether you like it or not. In the course of five to ten years, books, toys, seasonal clothes, and sports gear will spill into your garage no matter how much you resist them. As such, it’s important to get organized early to prevent the clutter from taking over. To maximize the storage opportunity in your hands, you’ll want to make use of garage organization systems.

An optimized organizing system enables you to use vertical space better and create customized solutions for tools and items that don’t fit in traditional storage spaces. The earlier you plan for this, the higher your chances of success in creating a cost-efficient and space-saving storage design.

Don’t Forget the Temperature


No matter how pleasing your garage looks, you won’t want to spend time in it if it chills you to the bones. The same is true if you find yourself sweating buckets every time you visit it. Many homeowners tend to forget to address this crucial matter when they construct their garages, which makes finding a solution more expensive than necessary.

Don’t make the same mistake by installing underfloor heating systems or AC window units. Warm floors are essential because you can expect to spend time on them while fixing your car or doing some other DIY projects. An AC system is essential for hot weather because there might be activities that warrant closed doors, such as when you use loud power tools. There’s also the matter of safety, as burglars can glean a lot from your garage when you leave the door open throughout your stay there.

An AC system benefits your tools, too. With the reduced humidity, they are less likely to suffer from damages caused by moisture.

Consider Adding a Second Floor

This is the ultimate answer to your storage and organizing needs. Adding a second floor to your garage or even just increasing the headroom through shed dormers is a great way to make your garage more homey and functional. Over the years, you can convert the second floor from a storage unit to a bedroom or even an entertainment center. Just make sure that you comply with all regulations in your region or neighborhood so that you don’t run into trouble. Some areas place a height limit on these infrastructures, which is why shed dormers are such great alternatives.

Regardless, this added living space to your home is also a great investment if you consider selling it in the future. A garage by itself is a huge advantage, but a garage with a second floor? You’ll have buyers knocking on your door when you put up the “for sale” sign.

Make It Your Own

Don’t forget to add finishing touches that reflect your personality. No matter how small, big, simple, or extravagant your dream garage is, what’s important is that it’s something that makes you happy.

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