Stop Consuming Too Much Fiber

While we strongly encourage people to get to know themselves and dive deep into self-expression, self-care does not dabble in the emotional and mental sphere of health alone, but also physical. And when it comes to taking care of ourselves, one of the most common and annoying problems that come unexpectedly is stomach pain.

We’ve all been there, waking up to a brand new day, having our breakfast, and getting a head start with all of our daily tasks only to be greeted with an unbearable cramp. So we end up scrambling and searching for methods to soothe stomach pain but never actually learning about the root of the problem.

To address this lack of information, we’ve decided to tackle one of the many causes of stomach pain and tummy trouble. Admittedly, this is one of the most common culprits, but it seems no one ever suspects this to be the cause. And, we are talking about none other than fiber.

But, Isn’t Fiber Healthy?

Well, you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that fiber is healthy. It has many benefits, such as playing an integral role in digestive health, controlling blood sugar levels, and help attain a healthy weight. However, as with all good things in this world, too much of it can cause problems. And in the case of fiber, no matter how healthy it is, it’s one of those nutrients that we can quickly go above our recommended daily intake.

  • Potential Bowel Problems: Breakfast can be quite jampacked with fiber, and as a result, you tend to feel bloated right after your first meal of the day. This can lead to potential bowel problems later on and make your stomach feel like it’s brewing up a storm. What’s worse is you end up spending more time in the bathroom and might even go through reflux.
  • Stomach Cramps: If you plan on working out and breaking a good sweat, eating high-fiber food might sound like a good idea for energy, but it’s definitely not. Fiber can cause your stomach to cramp up mid-workout and reduce the effectiveness of your exercise. Therefore, forcing you to stop prematurely and leaving you annoyed.

What Food Should I Moderate?

So, now that you’re aware of the possible negative impacts of eating too much fiber, here’s a list of food you’ll want to watch out for and moderate. Being mindful of your food choices will ensure that you don’t go overboard with your daily intake and guarantee that you get just the right amount to keep you healthy and going for the day. Plus, if you’re already into counting macros, this will be a walk in the park!

fruits and veggies

#1 Fruits and Veggies

One of the most well-known ways of getting your daily dose of healthy fiber is through fruits and veggies, and on top of that, you also check the criteria for other vitamins and minerals. But because they’re so delicious, healthy, and easy to consume, this makes them one of the biggest culprits behind stocking too much fiber in your body.

  • Apples: Apples are scrumptious, but they pack a punch and carry around 4 grams of fiber. So while the saying does say to eat one a day, you might want to think of all your other food choices.
  • Bananas: Tennis athletes love them, and they are one of the most easy-to-digest fruits out there. But, be warned because it’s easy to eat two to three of them. They each pack at least 3 grams of fiber.
  • Broccoli: While your parents might have emphasized eating greens like broccoli and you’ve developed a love for them, try not to stuff your tummy with too much. Each cup can also carry up to 3 grams of fiber so keep it in moderation.

#2 Whole Grain Food

Ah yes, the awfully addictive whole-grain food that never leaves our table during breakfast and snack time. Sure, they are filled with healthier options, but because they can be paired with almost anything, these easily contribute the most to your daily intake.

  • Wheat Bread: What can we say? We all love bread and all the jams and spreads that pique our interest, but even when you go wheat, these things pack 2 grams per slice. And when you eat two sandwiches, then that’s already 8 grams for the day!
  • Oatmeal: Although we’ve grown to love oatmeal as Bert from Sesame Street taught us, your usual serving can take upwards of 8 grams of fiber. So, try not to indulge too much.

#3 Nuts

Last but not least, we have nuts. Sure, these things are perfect for when you’re on a diet and are looking to snack on some healthy options, but chowing down on too much is not advisable. It’s pretty easy to get carried away, and before you know it, you’re already down one bowl, so take your nut addiction down a few notches. The usual culprits are sunflower seeds and almonds, so make sure to pack them nicely into healthy servings.

What If The Pain Persists?

In serious cases where the pain in your stomach persists even after relaxing for a few hours, then you might have something more severe afflicting your stomach. So, we suggest that you book an appointment with a medical professional to get your tummy checked out and identify any potential problems. It’s best to be informed whether you’ve gotten food poisoning or need IBD treatment, so don’t take a chance and schedule your check-up.

Always Take Care of Your Health

Health is often overlooked, but just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean you should follow suit. Be the catalyst for change and start taking care of your health, even if it’s just with the simple things like tummy aches and fiber intake. And feel free to share this information with your friends and family who need it too!

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