Taking Care Of Your Invisalign

Taking care of your Invisalign Clapham doesn’t need to be tricky there are a couple of quick tricks you can put in place to make sure they’re kept clean and safe and this is super important as Invisalign aligners are notorious little hotbeds of germs and bacteria and when left to their own devices quickly become covered in hard tartar which we don’t want. If you want to learn about all there is to know on taking good care of Invisalign aligners then this one’s for you.

How To Clean Your Trays

Invisalign Clapham is super quick and easy to clean. It doesn’t take much effort at all and just requires a soft bristle brush and some white toothpaste – where possible avoid using any toothpaste with colour as they will stain the surface of the aligners.

All you need to do is run the Invisalign under the tap, be sure to use cold or slightly warm water as you don’t want to damage the surface of the aligners. Using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste gently scrub along the inside and outside of the aligners, being super careful with how much pressure you’re applying as you don’t want to do anything to damage the trays. Once you’ve scrubbed the whole surface, rinse the toothpaste off under the water.

If you want to take your cleaning to new heights then you may well want to invest in cleaning products such as Invisalign cleaning crystals. These dissolvable substances work by soaking the trays in an antibacterial, cleaning solution which not only kills off any germs you can’t see but also gives back the aligners their super sparkly shine.

Invisalign aligner

Keeping Your Trays Safe

Even though you’ll be changing your aligner trays every couple of weeks you need to be super vigilant in keeping your current set safe and well looked after. Broken aligners not only cost serious money to repair, but they also greatly delay your teeth straightening process which is not what you want at all.

Keeping Invisalign trays safe doesn’t need to be difficult work at all. Making sure you have plenty of hard cases so you’re able to pop them somewhere safe wherever you are is the easiest way to keep on top of them. Packing them away whilst you’re eating is important as you don’t want to eat your lunch and then accidentally leave them lying around somewhere. A) this is kinda gross and B) it’s just asking for trouble.

Treating Them Well

If you want your aligners to keep their crystal clear look then you want to make sure you aren’t doing anything that’s going to discolour them. Humans by nature can at times tend to cut corners and do things the easier/quicker way and though you may have been told to strictly keep your tea and coffee away from your Invisalign temptation for a quick cuppa whilst wearing takes hold and then before long its two cuppas. Be sensible and don’t eat or drink in your trays – you’re ruining them.

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