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Telltale Signs You’re Doing Laundry Wrong

Doing laundry has become so mundane that you may have the impression that you have already mastered it. However, there is still a high chance that you are doing some things wrong. And these mistakes may even cost you your clothes, time, and effort.

Despite the hours you spend with your washer every week, some blunders still happen, and it is time that you pay attention to them. You need to change your ways so that you get to avoid specific problems in the future (some of them can even be expensive). Thankfully, it is easy to tell if you are doing laundry the wrong way.

Here are some signs that will help you gauge your own laundry skills:

Sign #1: You do not read the wash instructions of your clothes

One surefire way to damage your clothes is by not reading the wash instructions that come with them. The tags in your clothes tell you the way your clothes are meant to be washed and a list of cleaning solutions or detergents to avoid. You ought to read these labels, as it will help you sort your clothes and separate the delicates from the regular ones.

Sign #2: You let the stain sit

Time is of the essence when you get your shirt stained. If you just let it sit, the stain will remain like a tattoo forever. In case you stain your clothes, wash it immediately or apply a stain remover. Or better yet, let it soak in the water for a few minutes or hours so that the stain will soften. And if you will work on removing it, pick the right solution, knowing that certain stains react to specific detergents or cleaning agents.

Sign #3: Forgetting the clothes in the washing machine

You would be surprised by how many people forget their clothes in the washing machine. It happens, and it may even happen to you. But as much as possible, avoid this mistake. Leaving your damp clothes in the washer overnight may invite mildew, thus causing them to stink. There could even be stains that are hard to remove.

Sign #4: You only use one wash cycle

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Not all clothes and fabrics are created equal. The bed linens you bought from a mattress store is different from your polo shirt, so you should not use one wash cycle for all. That is where sorting becomes useful. All the clothes that require the same wash cycle should be washed all together. That also keeps you from damaging the delicate fabrics.

Sign #5: You do not measure your detergent and bleach

You may think that using detergent, bleach, and fabric conditioner is intuitive, but in reality, there should be proper measurements. Using too much detergent can be as bad as using too little. That is, detergent residues can make your clothes sticky. The same goes for fabric conditioners. In the case of bleach, you should know what the right amount and which ones can be washed with it.

Wash wisely

Washing may be a time-consuming and routine chore. And just because you have been doing it for the longest time does not mean that you have already become an expert on it. It pays that you look into your mistakes, as this will help you save time and effort.

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