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The Case for Black Windows Frames

The popularity and versatility of industrial style interiors and exteriors have spawned a plethora of design trends that could work well in many different home styles, industrial-inspired or not. Among the most appealing is the use of black window frames.

And why not? These can work exceptionally well in modern homes, classic Mediterranean-inspired homes, contemporary homes, and even mid-century homes. The question is, is it right for your home?

Black Window Frames Can Blend In Seamlessly

Contrary to popular belief, black window frames won’t stand out on surfaces as various colors do. They actually often disappear and look just like shadow lines. When inside your house and looking out your window, the window frame will look like it’s not there and make it seem like you’re looking out a clear window.

Because of this, make sure that they tie in with your interior and exterior elements since they could improve the outside view and direct the eye’s attention outside. On the other hand, if you’re looking to highlight your windows, don’t use black because they’ll blend in instead of standing out.

Black Window Frames Can Also Stand Out

In spaces where the design elements are just right, black window frames could lend serious style and elegance. They could easily set the stage for traditional and formal interiors, but could likewise work perfectly in industrial and contemporary spaces.

For example, if you want your new custom aluminum façade to stand out, black window frames are, without a doubt, the way to go. One reason for their increasing popularity is because of their naturally forgiving nature. You can utilize them on any type of building, and any color that you use alongside them will still look amazing.

Think of them as the perfect black shirt – black window frames can go with just about anything when styled accordingly.

Tread Carefully When Using Black Window Frames in Period Homes

black window frame

Sure, you can use black window frames on period homes, but you need to paint the gutter, fascia and trim black as well for a cohesive look. This works because the color won’t be competing for attention with other colors and can complement brown or red brickwork found in most period homes.

However, be careful when using black window frames on more traditional period homes because they simply won’t fit and may look like an eyesore.

Black Windows Frames Offer Subtle Elegance

Opting for black window frames is a very affordable option if you have a small budget because even black aluminum frames will give you that subtly classy look. While you can paint wooden frames black, black aluminum frames look more elegant and high-end that painted wood.

And if you have the money to spare, you can even opt for black steel window frames for a more upscale look.

There’s no denying that black window frames could take any style of home, inside and out, to a whole new level. But as with every design feature, always consider your personal preference instead of following trends blindly or just because everyone’s doing it.

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