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The Impact of Image-Focused Society on Body Image

Go to any public space these days and there is no getting away from the flash of a camera, be it from a mobile phone or digital camera, everyone tries to capture the picture-perfect social snap to share on their social media accounts. While there is no harm in updating one’s friends and family on what’s keeping you busy, a problem arises when we can’t separate our perceptions of the way we look when we compare ourselves to others.

This subject has become the focus of many research studies as authority bodies including the Mental Health Foundation continue to raise the alarm of poor body image on mental health.

Evidence from a Mental Health Foundation report showed the overwhelming stress individuals, across the age spectrum, experienced when considering their appearance. As high as 47 percent of 18-24-year-olds were found to be unhappy with the way they looked. And they were not alone as even those aged 55 and older were also affected with 18 percent of this population group suffering from poor body image stress. Women seem to be more affected with 36 percent of all women reporting feeling overwhelmed.

High body dissatisfaction increases the risk of mental health disorders as the emotional distress can result in unhealthy eating patterns and related disorders as well as living a poorer quality of life.

However, a more positive self-image and body appreciation can lead to overall well being and a reduced likelihood of developing worrying eating behaviours. Not to mention increased confidence and its influential role in success. This may be why dental treatments such as Orthodontics Navan continue to receive great interest from adult patients.

Positive body image a key driver of success

Whether it is in finding a soul mate or deciding whether a defendant is guilty (defendants who are better looking have been found to be rated more positively than less attractive defendants), how we are perceived by others matters.

Specific facial features such as a broad smile have been linked to positive personality attributes such as friendliness, kindness, intelligence, trustworthy and approachable. The benefits to being deemed beautiful has a long reach and may be a contributing factor to the rise in more and more people seeking dental treatments including Orthodontics Navan to create a more desirable physical appearance.

Being regarded as physically attractive increases the likelihood of:

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Securing a job

Research studies suggest that attractive job candidates are seen to have a better advantage when it comes to being hired or promoted at work.

Benefit at the polls

Political candidates who are said to be more physically attractive fare better when it comes to winning votes.

Attracting success and happiness

One indicator of joy and happiness – the ability to smile confident broad smiles – also ties in with success. Smiles boost confidence and self-esteem which is one of the main prerequisites for success.

Being seen as in good health

This is especially true in regards to symmetrical straight teeth and overall dental health. Patients who straighten their teeth no longer face challenges with their oral hygiene routines as straight teeth are easier to brush and floss.

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