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The Latest Wedding Reception Trends In 2020

Weddings are one of the most momentous occasions in every couple’s relationship. So it’s quite understandable that you’d want to make it as memorable as possible. But given all the trends that we’ve seen this year, are there any other ways to make your reception one of a kind after choosing a perfect wedding reception venue in Salt Lake City?

After you’ve finally exchanged vows and made your relationship truly official, it’s finally time to enjoy the day and just party! If you’re planning to tie the knot next year, you can certainly count on these reception trends that everyone will surely remember:

Flower revolution

We’ve seen couples use flowers in their bouquets as well as a few parts of their reception. But 2020 will be an explosion of flowers, especially during the reception. These couples will incorporate edible blooms into their food and even their drinks. They’ll also use florals to create shapes and textures that will be the focal point of the party. Color-blocking the florals is an excellent idea, especially if you want to turn them into a centerpiece for every table.

Edible escort cards

If you think that seating charts are an eyesore, then you can turn them into something much more interesting—like edible escort cards. They function just like seating charts so that everyone on your guest list can easily find their sitting spots. What makes them so exciting is that you can pair your escort card with a glass of champagne or even a bite-sized snack to delight your guests. You can also use it to treat everyone to your favorite cocktail drink.

An eco-friendly wedding

Ever since everyone became aware of the effects of pollution on global warming, sustainability has become every couple’s top priority. Experts say that it will even become a trend for 2020. Styrofoam flower holders will become a thing of the past because it will soon get replaced with recycled materials to give it an extra twist. Composting flowers and food after the reception will also be accessible, especially for couples who want to reduce waste.

A burst of colors


Everyone has seen the return of bold color palettes at every wedding reception, and this trend will only get bigger as 2020 starts. Couples will continue to look for ways to include vibrant colors into their wedding motif to make it look more distinct. A few of the vibrant colors that we’ll see are rust orange and marigold. Pastel color palettes will also get an update for next year. Instead of the usual neutrals, the pastel hues that will be in-demand next year will be lavender purple, butter yellow, and lilac. Expect to see these colors incorporated in tables skirting and wedding cakes throughout next year.

Wedding concoctions

Although they may appear to be the same at first glance, a bartender and a mixologist are quite different from one another. A bartender works on perfecting your go-to drinks. Meanwhile, mixologists are more experimentative. They often combine unlikely ingredients and make it work. If you want to have a unique wedding reception, then hiring a mixologist to create a unique experience for your guests is the best way to go.

These are only a few things that you can consider when planning for a wedding reception. These ideas will certainly make sure that your wedding will stand out. Try to see which one will work well with your entire wedding theme so that you can plan things early.

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