The Most Ridiculously Fancy Things in Celebrities’ Homes

It’s no secret that most celebrities are definitely making lots of money for being public figures, whether it’s the music industry or acting industry, or even other businesses that they invest in. For this, it wouldn’t be far-fetched for them to have the glitz and glam, big cars and big houses that they would be singing about. Here are a few of the most ridiculously fancy things found in celebrities’ houses:

Lady Gaga’s Own Bowling Alley

The pop star had just secured a $23 million mansion in Southern California, and you can only think of the endless possibilities of what a mansion with that amount could harbor. So, the multi-awarded singer-songwriter having her own bowling alley wouldn’t come as a surprise. The bowling alley is situated in the pop star’s own version of a “bat cave,” with two bowling lanes and heavily inspired in the 1960s. Most celebrities would opt for a basketball court, but the singer seemed to match her eccentric artistry in music as well as her taste in fancy upgrades when it comes to house design.

Kathy Griffin’s 11 Bathrooms

Kathy Griffin has been active in Hollywood since the early 1980s. With almost 40 years of being active in the industry, it’s safe to say the comedian has definitely earned her millionaire status. The comedian has also started dabbling into the YouTube world, in which she collaborated with one of the platforms’ most famous personalities, Shane Dawson.

In 2018, Shane Dawson planned a surprise for his mother, who is an avid fan of the comedian. When the squad arrived at Kathy Griffin’s $10 million mansion, the comedian revealed that she has 11 bathrooms. One of them joked about choosing a number between one to 11 and using it accordingly! It would definitely make you want to contact a nearby bathroom remodeling contractor and persuade you into making changes in your bathroom to make it appear like a million dollars (even just one!).

Paris Hilton’s Dog’s Mansion

paris hiltons dog mansion
Image from E! Online

Yes, you read that right. The multi-million dollar businesswoman and socialite is known to having an extravagant lifestyle, and it seems like her dogs are just as rich as their owner. Reports would say that Paris Hilton’s dogs’ mansions are worth even more than a regular person’s house since it’s roughly worth around $325,000! This mini-mansion is believed to be created in the same image of her own mansion and is built in the garden area along with the swimming pool.

Drake’s Luxurious Version of a Hotel Pool

Drake throws a lot of pool parties turns out not just in his music videos but also in real life. The American rapper has an outdoor pool with an 80 ft slide, scattered with statues of women in swimsuits, with torches on the sides of the entrances, and even a grotto on top of everything. This is not something out of a music video set, it is Drake’s own $7.7 million worth of real estate, and he calls it the ‘YOLO’ estate. He bought the property in 2012 when he was looking for residential pool houses — extremely over-the-top ones, apparently!

Knowing these things might make you think about what you should have in your own home. But check if you can afford home upgrades like this before deciding!

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