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The Next Level of Organizing: Using Proper Folding Techniques

Whether you are living in a small apartment or travel frequently, an essential skill for taking care of clothes is proper folding. Many people don’t know how to do it right. The result is wrinkled and damaged clothes even when they are staying inside a clothes drawer. Fortunately, several folding techniques can allow you to store your clothes better. Here are some of your possible options for folding.

The Essentials

Before learning how to fold, you need to ensure that you make it as easy as possible. Several factors will help. For one, you need a wide and flat surface to do the folding on. Good examples of what you need are solid surface countertops. They are wide, dry, and very sturdy. You can also do this on beds or tables. But the key factor to consider is the height. If you have to bend over or reach out, then the surface is not the best for folding. It would be best if you were as comfortable as possible when doing this.

Besides a flat surface, you need to do the folding as quickly as possible after it dries. Dry clothes are much easier to fold and usually have fewer wrinkles. It would be best if you also focused on the clothes that you wear as outerwear. These are the ones people notice when it comes to wrinkles. No one checks your underwear and socks if they are not in prime condition.

The Konmari Method

The most popular method right now for folding your clothes is the Konmari method. This is a revolutionary way to fold clothes so that space is maximized. While there are multiple methods, they usually follow a simple trend: all the folder clothes can stand up vertically. That is how you are to store them so that you can have maximum space usage. Besides that, browsing your clothes will be a much easier process. Pull the drawer out, and you can see all of your clothes like files.

While it may seem complex, the main parts of Konmari folding are similar to other folding methods. The difference is in the end. Usually, the clothes are folded into a rectangular shape with three folds. You then do the stand test to see whether they can stand on their own. If they do, you did the Konmari method right.

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The Traditional Approach

But not everyone can do the Konmari method. If you can’t seem to get the folded clothes to stand up straight or if you have more space available, then traditional folding methods can work for you. It all depends on what item of clothing you are folding. Simple shirts should be simple since they can be folded without wrinkles or creasing at all. Start by folding the bottom hem up, then the sides. You then fold it up into a rectangle and roll. You can then use the bottom hem to tuck everything into one compact roll. This is very effective at minimizing wrinkles and is great for packing on trips. Rolling is what makes this method effective since it reduces the presence of wrinkles. You can do something similar to pants.

The Robot Way

While folding clothes seems like it is a static art, the innovations that people made over the years points to the fact that it evolves. We might be seeing a different way of folding in the future. A good example of that would be the use of g-folds. Robots are the primary users of this clothes-folding method. This is because they don’t have proper hands to pinch and hold cloth. They can also exert too much pressure on the cloth and damage it. This is where g-folds or “gravity folds” comes in. This is a series of folds that depend mainly on gravity. They are quick and very efficient, executed with minimal effort.

The process is a simple series of folds from the outside. The left side folds in, then the right side. Another set of follow-up folds until the two sides meet at the center. The final fold is an upward motion as the article of clothing becomes a simple rectangle.

Proper folding ensures that your clothes will be in good condition for a long time. Some of these folding techniques also help ensure that you have more space for your clothes in your drawers. They can also be very useful when you plan to travel since it would allow more clothes to fit into your luggage. Learning all the proper ways to fold your clothes can only be good for you.

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