The Right Way to Care for Your Jewelry

Jewelry Care for youThe best things in life are free – save for jewelry. They’re expensive to acquire, and repairs may cost even more. Even though the most exquisite pieces are made from durable metals and stones, they aren’t immune to abrasion. They develop unsightly scratches when least expected.  When new, jewelry can be glittering and bright. But it can start to lose its brightness with time due to wear and tear. How do we prolong this dazzling quality? Here are seven tips from a renowned jeweler like AAA Jewelers that you should follow.
Store jewelry the right way.
If you’re using closet drawers, start by taking stock. How many pieces do you own and what are they made of?  Categorize them based on piece and brilliance. You don’t have to use jewelry drawers if you can repurpose a few unused home items. You can use egg crates, box tops, and small boxes. You will save money on jewelry storage as they can be durable.
Say goodbye to jewelry boxes.
They are old-fashioned and boring. Come up with storage ideas that make your room more decorative and inspiring. Perhaps you could set up a fancy display box. The best display boxes are multipurpose – they’re easy on the eye and make it easy to find rings and necklaces.
Taking Care of your Jewelry
Leave it to the professionals
Professional jewelers have mastered their craft. Have your valuables checked once in a while. If you have diamond rings or necklaces, they need to be cleaned and realigned at least twice a year. Visit a local professional and they will restore its natural dazzle. Many diamond cleaning experts in Utah can help.
Never clean gold-plated ornaments with soap or expose them to chlorine.
Chlorine and soap can make your jewelry look dull. You should take off jewelry when applying lotion, washing hands or taking a shower. Just like silver, gold loses its luster when cleaned with soap. If you plan to go for a swim in a swimming pool, it would be best to remove your jewelry as the chlorine will corrode their reflective surface.
Light damages precious stones.
Even though they sparkle when exposed to the sun’s rays, the ultraviolet light decolorizes them. You should keep gemstones away from bright light. Amber darkens when exposed to sunlight while ivory is bleached. Try to store them in areas away from bright light, and they will keep their gleam for a long time. Even for special gems like pearls, you should keep them away from light and heat. Stones like topaz and opal could lose their iridescence when constantly exposed to light. 
Maintain them properly at home.
Most gems are cleaned once in a while to improve their clarity and physical appearance. Ultrasonic cleaners are, however, they’re unsuitable for maintaining treated jewelry. Never use them on gems with surface cracks. These cleaners corrode organic gems. Think of pearls and opals.
Insure your jewelry. They are also investments. 
Jewelry is also a kind of investment, so they also attract thieves as they could be easily disposed of and sold. What backup plan have you put in place? How do you insure your unique jewelry pieces? If you’re a homeowner, consider getting a rider’s insurance extension. This is an insurance package that covers jewelry and other valuables. You could also sign up for a comprehensive jewelry cover from third-party agencies.
Owning jewelry is not a simple thing. If you are serious about your collection as a form of investment, make sure you know how to take care of your pieces and store them properly.

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