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Is Invisalign Just A Trend or Is It Actually Good?

It’s highly likely you’ll have noticed the uptake of Invisalign on social media feeds, adult teeth straightening is becoming more and more popular and with more online influences normalising it, it’s starting to seem like Invisalign is actually the next big fashion accessory. All of this aside though, is Invisalign St Johns Wood actually any good? Or is the image friendly option just a gimmick?

What Is Invisalign?

So, if you’ve missed the bill on this one, Invisalign are essentially clear trays that sit flush over your teeth rather than traditionally braces which attach to your teeth with a plate (bracket) and then have wires threaded through them. They work on the same scientific principle of applying pressure to the teeth in order to make them move; they just do it in a slightly different way. With Invisalign St Johns Wood you’ll move through a series of different aligners during your treatment process, changing every couple of weeks to new aligners, whereas with Invisalign you just have one brace the whole time that’s adjusted as you move through the movement progressions.

Clear Aligner

Why Are People So Crazy For It?

Well, it’s actually pretty straight forward, Invisaigin does what it says on the tin – it’s invisible (well pretty much). Unlike traditional braces they’re very subtle and it’s this subtle aesthetic which has gone on to make them super popular with gen z’ders and adult straighteners. You no longer have to feel like you’ve got a mouth full of metal etc, because you don’t. And people just naturally pay less attention to things we don’t notice… obviously.

But Do They Work As Well?

It’s been widely debated in the orthodontic community on whether or not invisalign is as effective as traditional braces and there’s no clear cut answer as it’s case by case. Sure they are able to move teeth into new positions and with the introduction Invisalign accessories you’re now able to move complex orthodontic issues however there’s still question marks over if they are as good as moving complex cases as wired braces.

Then of course there are external factors at play such as patients having the ability to remove the aligners which on one hand is great because it’s better for cleaning etc but equally can result in slower results where people are taking them out too frequently and for too long. It’s a juggling act and one that’s kinda hard to measure.

So, Are They Worth The Fuss?

I would argue yes, they’ve done a lot to evolve the industry and make teeth straightening more accessible and desirable for those who lost out on the opportunity as children to straighten their smiles. I think as we move further into the millennial it will be interesting to see how we further develop orthodontics from here. The increase of brace systems such as incognito (lingual braces) is super interesting as you’re able to get full invisibility with the same practical function and success as wired braces and I think watch this space as this trend leaps forward.

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