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The Whys of Back Pain

Back pain can decrease a person’s creativity and productivity. It can also reduce their mobility and enjoyment. While it can be alleviated by medications and therapies, it can come back as bad as or worse than before. There are many causes of back pain. Identifying the cause is important to determine the proper back pain relief that you can get from any chiropractic clinic in Utah.

Poor posture

It is common to hear young people complain of back pain after sitting for hours on end. Sitting for hours in front of a computer is unavoidable for those whose work involves such a task. But not all offices are provided with ergonomic chairs to ensure proper posture. As such, most individuals sit with poor posture for hours. The posture alone puts a strain on the middle back, and soon, the circulation is constricted, resulting in back pain.

Degenerative condition

As the human body ages, the bones are subjected to wear and tear. In time, the bones become porous and weak. When this happens, part of the spinal cord herniates in between the vertebra. This herniation causes back pain as the vertebra moves with your movement, along with numbness and tingling of both upper and lower extremities.

This condition is not limited to the aging population alone. There are instances where a young person experiences this type of pain and gets diagnosed with the same degenerative condition. This degenerative process of the spine is attributed to many factors, including but not limited to diet, hereditary predisposition, and lifestyles.

Traumatic injuries

A traumatic injury can also cause back pain. The acceleration-deceleration mechanism of an auto accident can create a “whiplash” injury to the neck. The pain of this injury can radiate toward the arms and back. Another mechanism where an individual can injure the spine is by jumping from a high level toward a body of water. The pull of gravity coupled with the force of the person’s weight when they fall down can create a compression fracture.

A spinal compression fracture happens when the bony block or vertebral body in the spine collapses due to pressure or weak bones. This leads to severe pain, malformation, and loss of height. This type of fracture can also happen with a slip-and-fall injury where the person lands with their buttocks to the ground.

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Inflammatory conditions

Inflammatory illness such as arthritis causes pain. Arthritis refers to inflammation of the joints. Since the spine is also considered a joint, it can also be affected by a form of arthritis called osteoarthritis. It is also considered a degenerative condition, but it can also develop from infection and autoimmune disorders.

Spine deformities

A spine deformity can involve the alignment and formation of the vertebra. These conditions can be congenital—present at birth—or acquired. There are individuals with an S-shaped spine—the upper part of the spine curves to the right, and the lower part curves to the left or vice versa. This condition is called scoliosis, and it has many types depending on the severity. This spinal malformation indeed causes severe back pain.

As with any medical condition, an individual who suffers from these conditions will naturally seek back pain relief. These treatments can range from medications, physical or chiropractic therapies, acupuncture, injections, and other modalities of treatment.

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