Things That You Should Do After The Wedding

Without a doubt, your wedding is one of the biggest days and most important milestones in your life. Preparations for it can be quite hectic and obviously overwhelming. However, as your big day comes to a close, you will realize there are still many things you need to do.

Things can be much easier when you already have a list that you can follow. If you’re still at this phase, let this article give you a head start. Below is a rundown of activities and things that you need to accomplish right after or a few days after your wedding day.

Item #1: Thanking Everybody

The attendance of your guests made your celebration wonderful. And to show your gratitude, you can send them “Thank You!” cards. These can be either physical or virtual. If this is part of your budget, you can also send them printed wedding photo albums. To make your guests feel special, have the “Thank You!” items customized by putting their names. This is the perfect time to review if some of your guests have forgotten to bring their wedding party favors, so you might as well send them these.

Item #2: Making Sure Your Suppliers Are Paid

Your wedding has been made possible by the hardworking suppliers and workers. With that, you must make sure that you’ve already paid them all. And if you have some extra dough, consider tipping them. While you are at it, you should also check the contracts to ensure that you have fulfilled your obligations as a customer. Settle some disputes and misunderstandings before ending the transaction. You should also not forget to get all the receipts from your suppliers just for personal documentation or if some disputes might arise in the future.

Item #3: Checking the Gifts

You might have a gift registry to guide your family and friends. But you should expect that there will be duplicate gifts. At this point, you should decide which of them you will keep and which ones you will return to the store (within a given time frame, of course). And because the gifts are exactly under your ownership, you might want to give some away. Just make sure that you will not give them to someone who shares a social circle with the giver.

Item #4: Preparing for the Move-In

After your honeymoon, you might be already moving into your new home. With this in mind, make sure that you also have a checklist of the items you will bring to your new space. While you are at it, you can also plan the major adjustments for your new home; consider listing down possible general contractors.

Take one step at a time

In the end, you must remember that the days following the wedding can be quite challenging. You might feel that a lot of things have changed, and this might also overwhelm you. But you are not required to do all things at once. You always have the freedom to take one step at a time.


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