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Tiny yet Effective Flourishes to Make Your Wedding and Reception Stand Out

A wedding does not have to be flashy or elaborate to be memorable. These tiny yet significant flourishes can help create a unique and personal event that will stay in the memories of your guests forever.

Your wedding represents a significant milestone in your life, and you, your spouse, and your families and friends would want it to be truly an event to remember. You don’t need to go far to create a wedding and reception to remember; even a simple yet personalized ceremony in Wichita, KS, can feel as special to the guests and family members than anything taken abroad.

Even if you hold your wedding closer to home, a few subtle yet effective changes here and there can make your event stay in the minds of the people you love forever.

Make it Personal

It’s your day! Be creative with your wedding details and draw little flourishes from your relationship with your significant other to personalize the event. It is, after all, one of the high points of your love story and to let the guests in on a few of your most beautiful moments will make them feel like a part of it. One example would be to number your reception tables according to key moments in your relationship.

Another simple yet effective way of personalizing your event is by putting a monogram of you and your new spouse’s initials in wedding signs and table numbers. Nothing can symbolize your union better than your initials forged into one.

You may also play around with how you distribute your wedding programs. Rather than have them in stationary, have them be turned into decorative or functional gifts (such as fans) that your guests can take home with them and use.

Pick a Playlist

Your music cues do not have to be the same numbers people hear at most weddings. Break with tradition and use a different orchestral piece for your special day. Maybe you’d like to have someone sing your favorite love theme when you’re walking the aisle, or maybe you want something else totally off-beat for your wedding.

Your playlist for your big day wouldn’t just be a reflection of you and your spouse’s love story. It could also serve as inspiration for your other friends to do something bold and daring for their own weddings. Don’t be too surprised for setting a precedent and be proud of what you’ve done.

If you want to have your friends in on the music during the reception, have them send their own personal song requests through their RSVP cards or have them send it in advance via e-mail. You can then send it over to your DJ to play when the event starts.

Bend and Break Tradition

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Not everyone has the time, dedication, or budget to plan a visually unique wedding and reception, and sometime you might just enjoy doing things the traditional way. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the traditional trappings of a wedding, you might also want to bend things a little to create something truly unique.

The key is subtlety. Signs, wedding chairs, and wedding aisles are all perfect places to shake things up aesthetically in a way that doesn’t detract from the ceremony while still being eye-catching and memorable. Go with neon for your wedding banners, for instance, or shake things up with unique dining options for your wedding buffet.

And you don’t need to stop at party decorations. Wow everyone with you and your partner’s dance skills by turning your first dance into a fusion of traditional and modern. Get everyone enthralled with unconventional reception entertainers.

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