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Tips for Sprucing Up Your Home Decor With Metals

A little shimmer and sparkle, glimmer and dazzle can make your home look more deluxe and glammed up. While some people find decorating with metallics a little intimidating, it’s a known fact that the unique appeal of metals can change the look and feel of any house. Metallic elements lend a clean and elegant vibe, and when introduced to your existing interior and exterior elements, they can add depth to any room or space.

Planning to add some metallic glam in your home, but you don’t know how to get started? Here are some ideas and tips.

Choose Copper

Copper is an interesting metal that makes great décor, thanks to its soft yet sophisticated appeal. For instance, large copper planters for your garden can serve as a focal point. In a sea of green foliage, these planters will stand out and draw attention no matter what.

Or, you can furnish your bedroom with a copper bed to match your copper drawer pulls. How about extending your copper theme to your bathroom by switching to a copper faucet and cabinet handles? What’s great with copper decors is they give spaces an instant “old world” look and feel that you can’t get from just any material.

Go for Gold

Gold living room curtainA touch of gold can magically transform your interiors. A gold vase can be an eye-catching accent in one corner of your living room. A mirror with gold frames is likewise a fancy addition to your bedroom. For your dining area, how about a few golden pendant lights?

Don’t forget your fabrics. Gold details on pillows add a great charm to your sofa or any padded seating. The same is true with curtains with golden lining. Can’t find fabrics with metallic detailing? How about making your own with the help of a gold spray paint? The additional shimmer of gold will never fail to bring an air of royalty to your property.

Slay With Silver

Silver is another favorite metal when it comes to home design. It has a timeless appeal that almost always mimics the beauty and versatility of mirrors. There are furniture pieces made from stainless steel that give you that silvery look and feel.

What’s beautiful about furniture with silver finishes is they go well with almost any other design element. A silver candleholder, for instance, can go well with driftwood decors or any wooden pieces. A silver backsplash can match your kitchen appliances easily. Silver frames are also great choices for walls with solid colors.

There are plenty of options when it comes to decorating with metallics. You can either stick to one type of metal or mix two or three types. Just because you’re decorating with gold, silver or copper doesn’t mean you should buy the real thing, however. With a little patience, you can easily find faux decorations that are as shiny and shimmery as real metals. You can even go for do-it-yourself decor with the help of spray paints and metallic papers.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment in infusing metallic elements in your current home theme. Feel free to mix your metals with other textures and colors. You don’t have to be an interior designer or a home decorator to achieve a great-looking room or home area. Sometimes, all it takes is creativity and sensibility.

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