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Tips on Tidiness for a Major Home Renovation Project

A major home renovation would generate a lot of dirt and debris, which would cause a disturbance to the occupants and the neighbors. A lot of noise will be present as well, from machinery and the workers. Simply put, an ongoing home renovation is, in a way, unpleasant. However, enduring all those noises and mess will be worth it once you see the astounding results.

That said, how can you ensure the tidiness around your property while a major renovation is taking place? Take note of the tips below.

1. Choose Materials that Generate Less Dust

Select materials that are non-toxic to maintain as much tidiness and to protect your home’s air quality. A low-dust drywall compound, for example, is a material with models designed to make dust fall to the ground instead of spread to the air. Solid wood materials are also a better choice than composites because they emit less dust.

2. Have Sufficient Dumpsters on the Site

For construction projects, the dumpster you’d need is more than just the biggest one you use at home every day. Inquire for oversize bins from dumpster rental companies such as Bear Services. Place the dumpsters where the workers can easily access them, making sure it won’t obstruct any path or driveway used by your neighbors.

3. Remove and Cover Furniture That May be Affected

If the renovation will only occur in one room, or in one room at a time, remove all the furniture in that area, and cover the ones that cannot be moved. The covers would prevent them from being damaged and coated with thick dust as the work begins.

4. Keep the Area Isolated

If you have young kids, instruct them not to enter the work area. Talk to the workers if they can install a temporary barricade to a doorway so kids would be blocked from slipping in. Work on a plan to keep the mess concentrated in the work area as much as possible, so it won’t spread around the house and affect traffic.

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5. Make a Path for Workers

Workers that’ll go in and out of your home will have the soles of their shoes dirty, so lay down a tarp or plastic to the path they walk on so that your floors won’t get dirty. Make sure the path cover is wide enough to that splashes, leaks, and spills won’t reach the bare floors.

6. Always Clean Up at the End of the Day

Ensure that your contractor and their team clean up the work area every day before leaving. Monitor the surrounding rooms for any dust and dirt that may have spread over, and use a vacuum cleaner before dusting or sweeping. Using a duster or broom right away to shove dust may scratch the surfaces, so always proceed with your trusty vacuum cleaner first.

It would also be helpful to clean the area before the work resumes and while it takes place. This prevents dirt buildup that will make cleaning more difficult. Keeping the mess under control is highly important if you’ll be staying in your home while the project is being carried out.

7. Depressurize the Work Area

Open a window in the work area, and provide a small fan that blows out air outside. The outward airflow will be critical during the messiest stages of the renovation because it’ll drive the dust outside instead of all over your house.

Before embarking on your major home renovation project, be sure to remember these tips and put it to action. The renovation noise is already enough of a nuisance, so don’t let the dirt add to your stress.

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