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Tradition vs. Non-conformity: What Are Couples Looking for in a Wedding Venue

What kind of bride or groom are you? Do you want to get married in a church? Or, do you want a garden venue? Since the coronavirus will stop you from inviting hundreds of people to your wedding, it means your wedding will be more intimate than imagined. Whatever kind of wedding you want right now, you need a venue to make this happen. But what do traditional and non-traditional couples want in a wedding venue?

The Traditionalist

Traditionally, couples are looking for wedding venues that resonate with their characters and personalities. They want the venue to be a manifestation of their union. And so, they create a very short list of what conforms to their tradition and the theme they want.

First, they look at the floor. If they are going with a rustic theme, linoleum floors are a no-no. They need hardwood floors to create the look they are gunning for. The materials—whether concrete, metal, or wood—used in the venue matters to the couples because these contribute to making their dream wedding a reality.

Second, they look at the ceiling. Can they hang drapes from there? Can it handle the thousands of balloons they want to fall from the ceiling the moment the minister announced them as husband and wife? The ceiling needs hardwood beams to support the drapes, flowers, balloons, and other design elements.

Third, they look at the entryway. They want a grand entrance but if the entryway is narrow, this won’t be possible. Classical weddings have grand entrances. Many couples imagine themselves entering a room full of their loved ones ready to celebrate their union. This is not possible with a narrow entrance.

Finally, they also look at the significance of the venue. Traditional couples try to veer away from places that have questionable histories such as plantations. That’s why traditional couples stick to traditional wedding venues—hotel ballrooms, botanical gardens, churches, etc.

The Non-conformist

beach weddingSome couples aren’t concerned about how the wedding venue looks like or if there’s even a venue in the traditional sense of the world. They want their wedding to be in a particular place or for it to be a specific place itself. That’s why you can sometimes read about quirky and weird wedding places.


Some couples love skydiving so much that they decided to get married right before they dove from a chartered plane. But that’s not the weirdest of all airplane-related weddings. Some got married while they’re literally flying in the sky. And yes, the wedding minister had to skydive, too. What a very weird, fun, and unique way of celebrating your love, right? Obviously, neither of them had a fear of flying.

The Sea

If you think skydiving while getting married is weird, think about how weird it is to get married among sea creatures. Some couple made it their life’s passion to go scuba diving. They love it so much that they decided to get married right where the corals are. And yes, a wedding minister also has to be a licensed diver. Talk about unique wedding venues. This one probably takes the cake.


Some caves allow up to 100 guests. The Underground Cavern in Somerset is one of the most popular wedding venues. The walls of the cave are lit with candles. It has the most diverse rock formations so your guests are not only going to attend your wedding, but they will also learn about geology. If you are going to choose a cave as your wedding venue, invite only a handful of guests. Not everyone will be up to this adventure.


Many couples are actually getting married in museums. Sure, get married in museums that house paintings and sculptures. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York doesn’t allow weddings, but you can look for something similar. It is not weird to want to get married at the MET, though some couples choose to get married in someplace way cooler. They get married among dinosaur fossils.

Theme Parks

Everyone loves theme parks, but that doesn’t mean they want to get married in one. Many couples got married in Disneyland, so much so that the management already has an evening wedding package with all your favorite characters. It’s not the most affordable wedding package, so make sure this is something you really want.

The point of getting married is to spend your life with your person, someone you cannot imagine living life without. Whether you get married in a traditional church or an underground cave somewhere, the point is to choose a life with the person you love more than anything in the world. Weddings are important, but not as much as how you celebrate each other.

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